Stephen Curry was relaxing at home watching the Dallas Mavericks-Phoenix Suns game on the night of Oct. 19 when he did something no parent ever wants to do — accidentally wake a sleeping child.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Steph screamed loudly in response to a winning shot that his brother-in-law, Damion Lee, made for the Suns. “C’mon! Yeah, Dame! Stick with it! Stick with it!”

Steph got so hyped about Damion Lee's game winner he woke up his son 😅

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— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 20, 2022

The Golden State Warriors all-star basketball player was cheering Lee on during his debut with the Suns. Lee previously played with Curry on the Warriors and helped the team win the championship series last year against the Boston Celtics.

But in the midst of celebrating his sister's husband's game-winning shot, Curry realized he might have woken up his kids.

“The kids asleep!" he continued to yell in his video, almost out of breath. "I don’t care! Stick with it! Woooo!!"

In the background, Curry's wife, Ayesha Curry, can be seen pointing upstairs, signaling that their 4-year-old son, Canon, is crying.

“I’m sorry, Canon is crying, I woke him up,” Steph said after that revelation.

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Curry attended a media session on Oct. 20, during which he was asked whether he apologized to his son for his outburst the previous night.

"It's my house," the basketball star replied with a big smile. "He's all right."

“It’s my house. He’s alright.”

Steph on waking up Canon last night by loudly cheering for D-Lee 😂

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) October 20, 2022

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