WILDFIRES in Colorado triggered two towns to evacuate entirely as the fires quickly ripped through communities in Boulder County.

The Boulder County sheriff’s office said they had received “Multiple reports of power lines down, transformers blowing, etc.”

“This has caused several small grass fires from the downed/sparking lines,” the statement continued.

Seven wildfires broke out on Thursday in the Boulder area, according to reports, driven by strong winds gusting over 50 mph, Wildfire Today noted.

The town of Superior has been evacuated, according to Fox31/KDVR. Some neighborhoods in Boulder in Louisville have followed suit.

The National Weather Service out of Denver/Boulder tweeted that the blazes have created a life-threatening situation in Superior and Louisville areas, noting that the "fast-moving fires" should encourage people to "gather more information and please be prepared to evacuate immediately."

The Denver Channel noted that one wind gust was marked at 110mph and that there are multiple fires in the area that continue to grow.

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    Governor declared state of emergency

    Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared a state of emergency as wildfires burn through Boulder County.

    His statement read: “The declaration allows the state to access disaster emergency funds to support the emergency response efforts in Boulder and provide state resources including the use of the Colorado National Guard, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control and activation of the State Emergency Operations Center.”

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    Thousands have been evacuated

    Up to 32,000 people living in the towns of Superior and Louisville were evacuated as the blaze, dubbed the Marshall Fire, spread to 1,600 acres.

    No deaths have been reported so far, though first responders said an officer was among at least six people who were hurt.

    Colorado Governor Jared Polis said a fire this large near a population center was "absolutely devastating."

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    Downed power likes started fire

    The Boulder County sheriff’s office said they had received “Multiple reports of power lines down, transformers blowing, etc.”

    “This has caused several small grass fires from the downed/sparking lines,” their statement continued.

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    Many have taken to social media to point out the rarity of having fires this intense in Colorado in late December.

    While the area is usually very dry this time of the year, it has been historically warm and rainy this year instead.

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    Thousands evacuated

    The Boulder Office of Emergency Management ordered an evacuation notice for the town of Superior around 1pm, the Denver Post reported.

    The town has a population of about 12,000 people.

    About an hour later, fire command ordered an evacuation of Louisville as well, which has about 20,000 people.

    “Boulder County Office of Emergency Management has just announced an Evacuation Order for ALL of Superior, Colorado residents,” the town said on Twitter.

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    Area hospital sees burn victims

    UCHealth Broomfield Hospital representative Kelli Christensen told The Colorado Sun that it is treating at least six burn victims on Thursday.

    The fire has reportedly also damaged several structures in the areas of Louisville and Superior, Colorado.

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    House 'gone in 20 minutes'

    9News reporter Kyle Clark shared a shocking image of a burning home in Louisville, Colorado, on Thursday night.

    The image shows two people standing outside as they watch the home being engulfed in flames.

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    Tesla building

    The wildfires in Colorado reportedly surrounded a Tesla store in Superior, one of two towns evacuated because of the blaze.

    A photo showed fire on the side of the building with smoke filling the entire frame.

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    Red Cross opens evacuation center

    The American Red Cross announced on Twitter they have opened an evacuation center for those needing assistance as fires spread through Boulder County in Colorado.

    The evacuation center is located at the YMCA of Northern Colorado at 2800 Dagny Way, Lafayette, CO 80026.

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    Inmates evacuated

    The Broomfield Detention Center has been evacuated as fires spread through Boulder county in Colorado, said the Broomfield Police Department.

    Inmates have been moved to another facility, the department tweeted shortly after midnight EST.

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    Wind gusts reached 110mph

    According to The Colorado Sun, at least 600 homes and businesses in neighborhoods Superior and Louisville east of Boulder burned on Thursday.

    The fire quickly spread as wind gusts reached 110mph.

    As of 9.50pm MST, at least six people were injured and treated for burns.

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    Evacuation site for people with Covid

    Colorado State Senator Jaquez-Lewis posted about sites set up specifically for evacuees who have Covid.

    The cities of Louisville and Superior are evacuating as fires burn through Boulder county.

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    Colorado Rep calls situation 'heartbreaking'

    Rep. Joe Neguse from Colorado sent a message on Twitter about the developing situation in the Boulder county area.

    "Please keep everyone in our community in your thoughts, and pray for the firefighters sacrificing so much to keep us safe," said Neguse.

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    How to help

    The Boulder Office of Emergency Management has set up a donation site for anyone to give money to those affected by the fires in the area.

    They have also set up resources for pets to be rescued.

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    Video shows Tesla building on fire

    A Twitter user shared a video that shows a Texas service center in Superior, Colorado, on fire.

    The towns of Superior and Louisville have been evacuated as flames have destroyed several structures and burned down hundreds of houses.

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    Burning homes pictured

    Pictures from Louisville, Colorado show entire homes engulfed in fire on Thursday night.

    Pictured below is a home burning through the area in the Centennial Heights neighborhood of Louisville.

    Credit: Getty Images – Getty
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    'A horrific event'

    Speaking at a press conference, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said: "This was consuming football-field lengths of land in seconds.

    "We had never seen anything like it. This was a horrific event."

    And although no fatalities or missing persons were reported at the time, Pelle added: "But given the ferocity and scope of this fire, it would not surprise me if we find casualties."

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    FEMA monitoring situation

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced on Thursday it is monitoring the fires in Colorado.

    The state has requested additional assistance to control the fire, which has forced thousands to evacuate the area of Boulder county.

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    Another hospital evacuated

    CBS Denver reports that the Good Samaritan hospital in Boulder County, Colorado, has evacuated their most critical patients as fires spread throughout the area.

    The Adventist Hospital in Louisville was forced to evacuate all its patients earlier.

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    National guard called in

    The National Guard is expected to arrive in the area on Thursday night to help first responders.

    Dozens of military personnel will help with road closures and evacuations.

    Sheriff Pelle said firefighters won't be able to stop Marshall Fire until winds die down so the main focus is getting people out.

    The sheriff said residents north of the evacuation area should be OK but to stay alert and call emergency management with questions.

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    'Flames shooting into the air'

    Local reporter Nelson Garcia shared an image that shows the situation on the ground in Colorado as fires burn through the areas of Louisville and Superior in Boulder county.

    "Flames are shooting into the air about a hundred feet," said Garcia. "We can hear several explosions."

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    No deaths reported so far

    While thee have been no confirmed casualties during Thursday's fires in Colorado, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said "given the ferocity and scope of this fire, it would not surprise me if we find casualties."

    At least six people have been injured in the fires.

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    Shocking images show fire

    Mountain View wildland firefighters are seen walking through the smoke and haze after a fast-moving wildfire swept through the area in the Centennial Heights neighborhood of Louisville, Colorado on December 30, 2021.

    State officials estimated some 600 homes had already been lost in multiple areas around Boulder County and were fueled by winds that gusted upwards of 100 miles per hour at times during the day.

    Credit: Getty Images – Getty
    Credit: Getty Images – Getty
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    More than 1,600 acres burned

    Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said on Thursday that more than 1,600 acres of land have burned in Colorado.

    "We know that people are anxiously waiting for word about the conditions of their homes and their neighborhoods," Pelle said in a press conference.

    "I want to assure you that our fire personnel are working as hard as they can to save additional structures as we speak and when it's safe to do so, will start the emotional and painful process of assessing damages."

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    Aircrafts unable to launch

    Firefighters had to pull out of some areas close to the fires in Boulder county because of the weather, the sheriff said.

    Aircrafts have been unable to launch to help with the fire fight because of dangerous wind gusts that reached up to 110mph, The Colorado Sun reported.

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