Teacher whose OnlyFans page forced her to resign told ‘stay away’ from work do

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    A teacher forced to quit her job at a "warzone school" when her side hustle was leaked by students has been told to "stay away" from her Christmas work do at all costs.

    Kirsty Buchan, a former physics teacher at Bannerman High in Baillieston, Glasgow, wanted to go to her festive office party as a chance to say goodbye to old work colleagues after being forced to resign.

    She was exposed by her pupils who shared screen grabs of her raunchy content which then spread like wildfire at the school – showing the 5ft 5in 33-year-old topless or fully nude, reports the Daily Record.

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    Now the racy teacher-turned OnlyFans star claims she got a blunt voicemail from her former boss – telling her not to come to the Christmas bash at a Glasgow restaurant.

    But, despite the warning it could make others "uncomfortable", Kirsty intends to break all the rules yet again and turn up to the party no matter what – and even said she'd get "dolled up" for the event.

    Kirsty, who says she started up the OnlyFans page after her wages were cut when she took time off to look after her ill son, decided to vent her anger on Facebook.

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    She posted pictures, texts and audio of the voicemail, and called out her some of her ex colleagues for supposedly turning their backs on her.

    The voicemail says: “I’m just phoning to let you know that you won’t be able to come to the science faculty night out on Thursday the 22nd of December.

    "You no longer work with us at Bannerman and the events of the last few weeks mean that a significant number of people in the faculty feel very uncomfortable about you attending.

    “I know you have paid for this but we will refund your money in full. Just to be clear – don’t come along on Thursday. Thanks.”

    In response to the frank voicemail, Kirsty wrote on Facebook: “It’s not really yours or anyone’s decision to make. Do you know what, I will be going. I’m still employed until the 4th of January and I won’t be bullied or intimidated by you or anyone else talking behind my back like little children.

    “If anyone has a problem then THEY shouldn’t attend. I have worked there longer than the people who are complaining.

    "See you Thursday.”

    In another post, she wrote: “When you’re asked not to attend the Christmas night out because some people are uncomfortable and it’s a 'Bannerman' night out and I no longer work there… same as another couple of people who are going.

    “This is the people influencing your children… bullies and narrow minded idiots. Good riddance.”

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    Responding to the post, one school student said: “I hope you turn up to that work night out looking better than every single person there.

    "Just need to keep reminding yourself that you're the one that’s making a good wage while they're stuck working in that horrible place.”

    She responded: “Thank you, I’ll be getting dolled up on Thursday and I’ll be sitting waiting on them all arriving xx.”

    Kirsty decided to quit before the school could sack her after disciplinary action was taken by Glasgow City Council to investigate her naughty side-hustle and, within just four days of resigning, she'd already doubled her monthly teacher salary.

    She's been flooded with support from people on social media and has also had pleas for her to return to the teaching profession – although the school probably won't have her back.

    Kirsty also claimed she was better off not working at the "warzone" school "where staff are being regularly attacked and inter-gang brawls are part of everyday life".

    A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “This person has a sick line until 4 January and has tendered her resignation.”

    Bannerman High School has been approached for comment.


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