Tucker mocks former Fox bosses, insists Biden is a 'wannabe dictator'

Tucker Carlson ridicules his former Fox News bosses for apologizing for the Biden ‘wannabe dictator’ chyron and insists the president IS dictatorial – likening his family to Saddam Hussein’s and his ‘illness’ to Kim Il-sung

  • Carlson used the fourth episode of ‘Tucker on Twitter’ to discuss Fox’s decision to refer to Joe Biden as a ‘wannabe dictator’ following Trump’s indictment
  • Carlson mocked his former employer for their apology for referring to Biden as a ‘wannabe dictator’, and insisted that Biden was in fact dictatorial
  • The former Fox News star compared Biden to Saddam Hussein, with his murderous relatives, and Kim Il-sung, with his baseball-sized neck tumor

Tucker Carlson on Thursday mocked his former employer Fox News for apologizing after referring to Joe Biden as a ‘wannabe dictator’ – insisting that the president was indeed dictatorial, and likening certain aspects to Saddam Hussein, Kim Il-sung and Nicolae Ceausescu.

Fox on Tuesday night broadcast a chyron showing Biden and Donald Trump, shortly after Trump was arrested in Miami.

‘Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested,’ the chyron read. 

Fox apologized, and Carlson – who until April was their top-rated host – ridiculed the network for their apology.

‘But why were they angry? If the banner on Fox was false? Why the hysteria?,’ said Carlson in his 13-minute Twitter show, which has replaced his Fox primetime slot. 

Tucker Carlson on Thursday aired the fourth episode of ‘Tucker on Twitter’ – this time accusing Joe Biden of behaving like a dictator

Fox News referred to Biden as a ‘wannabe dictator’ after Donald Trump’s arrest on Tuesday

‘Lies don’t seem to bother anyone anymore. If some cable news producer had called Joe Biden a genius or accused him of being secretly Sudanese, would anyone be yelling about it? Would Fox News have apologized for it? Probably not. 

‘But calling Joe Biden a wannabe dictator, that stung.’ 

Carlson then began mockingly listing the ways Biden ‘could not possibly’ be a dictator – referencing government surveillance on phones and bank accounts, and a crackdown on ‘peaceful protest’, like the January 6 riot. 

‘The main reason that Joe Biden is not a wannabe dictator is because he just does not fit the profile, as a man,’ said Carlson.

‘Dictators have that look: you know one when you see one.

‘Dictators build cults of personality around themselves, and they use those cults to deny the glaringly obvious.’

Carlson then likened Biden to North Korea’s dictator Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of the current ruler.

Kim, who ruled from 1948 until his death aged 82 in 1994, had a baseball-sized growth on the back of his neck, which state media was ordered to hide.

‘Thankfully nothing like that is happening in our country, or ever will,’ said Carlson.

‘If Joe Biden ever developed some profound physical or mental condition that was evident to everybody, journalists would say something.

‘This is not North Korea. We don’t have state media here.

‘If Joe Biden was, say, incapable of completing a full sentence, or mistook his sister for his wife, or suddenly started falling down in public for no reason, The New York Times would report on that and get to the bottom of what was actually happening.

‘That would be a duty in a free country like ours. It’s not like they would cover it up.’

Carlson move on to comparing Biden to Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein is shown with his sons Uday (left) and Qusay (right). The brothers were killed in a raid on Mosul in 2003: their father was hanged in 2006

‘If Joe Biden was a wannabe dictator, he’d have the family to match – all dictators do,’ said Carlson.

‘Saddam Hussein had Uday and Qusay.

‘They were princelings who lived above the law, indulging their most decadent fantasies with total confidence they would never be held accountable by the police.

‘As sons of a dictator they could do exactly what they wanted.

‘There is no one like that around Joe Biden.’

Carlson then showed a photo of Hunter Biden, the president’s troubled 52-year-old son, who has admitted to years of drug addiction and destructive behavior, and is now being investigated for tax fraud and lying on a gun permit application.

‘He doesn’t have weird sex scandals at the heart of his family that no one in the media will ever talk about,’ said Carlson.

‘He doesn’t have a n’er-do-well former nightclub-owning brother who has made a living for over 30 years by being related to him.

‘Not at all. That’s dictator stuff.’

The 54-year-old host then laughed at Jill Biden, who has a doctoral degree in education.

‘Joe Biden doesn’t award ridiculous, inflated titles to his relatives that the media are then required to take seriously.

‘He doesn’t call people doctor, who didn’t go to medical school, and force you to nod along like it’s real when everyone knows it isn’t.

‘Nicolae Ceausescu did that with his wife Elena. Joe Biden would never do that.’

Elena Ceausescu had a doctorate in chemistry, but it remains a matter of debate as to whether she earned it or was given it. 

Carlson also likened Biden to Nicolae Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator, whose wife Elena had a doctorate in chemistry – although it remains unclear if she earned it

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