Vice President Harris Hits the Ground Running

WASHINGTON D.C.—Just days after this week’s inauguration, Vice President Kamala Harris has hit the ground running, working in tandem with President Joe Biden to address Covid-19, the economy and more. 

In the morning, Vice President Harris will attend what’s known as the “President’s Daily Brief” in the oval office. 

In the afternoon, the vice president will have lunch with President Joe Biden in the private dining room. 

Afterward, the vice president will receive a briefing with the president on the state of the economic recovery in the state dining room.

Then, the vice president will join the president again for his remarks on the administration’s response to the economic crisis, and, as the president signs executive orders in the state dining room.

In the evening, Vice President Harris will hold a virtual meeting with National Economic Council Director Brian Deese and small business owners. The agenda will center on Covid-19 and the Biden-Harris administration’s plan to address the ongoing economic crisis. 

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