Watch as clumsy jogger accidentally takes out fitness fan behind him

On the dread-mill: Watch as clumsy jogger takes his jumper off while on running machine… and accidentally takes out fitness fan behind him

  • A gym-goer trying to take off their jumper on a treadmill wipes out another man
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A CCTV video captured the hysterical moment that an inexperienced gym-goer crashes off a treadmill, taking out another fitness fan. 

Adam Skelton, 30, was working out for the first time in three years at a gym in North Yorkshire when he hopped on the running machine on January 18. 

The footage, which has been viewed more than two million times, shows the 30-year-old lose balance while trying to take his jumper off.

As the clumsy jogger pulls the jumper over his head he falls off his treadmill and on to another, wiping out another gym user.  

Adam Skelton, 30, had not been to the gym for three years but was trying to get back into fitness when he went to the North Yorkshire gym

He fell backwards off his treadmill after trying to take his jumper off after getting hot during his workout

The men are both knocked to the ground by the force of the treadmill as Adam floors the other gym user. 

Neither of the fitness fanatics were hurt in the accident at the gym in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. 

Luckily both men saw the funny side and were in ‘good spirits’ once they’d picked themselves off the floor.  

But Adam was left confused by the incident, which was caused by his loss of concentration as he took off his jumper.

Happily, it seems Adam’s rediscovered love for the gym has not been affected by the hilarious crash.

Adam’s partner Leona Phillip, 23, said the video was ‘priceless’ and had left her in fits of laughter.

‘I was in absolute hysterics when I found out. The video is absolutely priceless.

He slips off his own treadmill and falls backward through the treadmill behind him, where another gym member was running

Adam Skelton wiped out another gym user as he was propelled backwards by the treadmill after slipping

Both men were catapulted to the floor during the accident. Neither fitness fanatic was hurt and were both in ‘good spirits’

‘Adam has been off the gym for three years and recently decided to get back into it.

‘He couldn’t work out what had happened. Fortunately neither of them were hurt.

‘The guy behind him took it in really good spirits too.’

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