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A popular YouTuber has shared the terrifying moment a gun exploded in his face as he filmed a new video and left him partially blinded.

“I shouldn’t be standing here,” former Kentucky cop Scott DeShields Jr. said as he showed off his scars and bandaged face and hand on his channel, Kentucky Ballistics, which has 1.84 million subscribers.

“I should be six feet under,” he said, sharing footage of the explosion early last month where he “almost bit the dust” with a hole in his jugular vein and a punctured lung.

His footage — seen more than 13 million times by Tuesday — shows the high-powered Serbu RN-50 rifle he was firing suddenly exploding, knocking him back, with his cap flying 8-feet behind him.

“When I pulled the trigger, the gun exploded almost immediately,” he said of the video in which he used SLAP rounds, expensive military ammunition that is no longer made.

A steel cap from the gun rocketed into his face, breaking his nose and three bones around his eye and temporarily blinding him on the right side.

His dad, also Scott, was behind the camera — and instantly stuck his thumb in his son’s throat as blood gushed out of his neck where some metal pierced his vein, DeShields Jr. said.

“If he had not been out there with me, that would’ve been it for me,” the YouTuber said.

Within a minute, he said, his dad had helped him into their truck and started “hauling it into town” as the YouTuber kept his own thumb in the hole and called 911 to get an ambulance to meet them on the way.

“I focused on my kids, and I fought as hard as I could,” he said, convinced that if he had blacked out he would never have come to.

Once at the hospital, he was then flown to a specialist unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville where he said was “hooked up to every machine possible.”

“The Trauma Team saved my life. They cut open my rib cage completely to remove the shrapnel, repair my lung and repair my jugular vein,” he said in an Instagram post, revealing that he also broke ribs as well as bones in his hand.

DeShields Jr. left the hospital 8-days later, and said he is “healing at a Wolverine rate.”

He repeatedly insisted that it was just a “freak accident” — and fired a handgun as he vowed to soon be back making more gun videos.

“I’m not gonna quit doing what I love because of a freak accident,” he said. “There’s nothing that can keep me from continuing on. I love what I do.”

He also revealed a new T-shirt design to help raise money — a drawing of the thumb he used to save his life with his new motto, “Just put a thumb in it.”

Mark Serbu, the designer of the rifle that exploded, also released a video to “assure people that the RN-50 is a safe gun … regardless of, yeah, it blew up and almost killed a guy.”

“Guns blow up every day, but it’s not talked about a lot,” Serbu said, saying the detonation of a “screwy” round “would have blown up any gun.”

“I don’t wanna frickin’ maim people and wound people and kill people, that’s the last thing I want,” he said, praising DeShields Jr. as a “freakin’ superhuman” and a “badass.”

“I’m not some maniac, money-grabbing a-hole who just wants your money and I don’t give a crap about you. I’m a gun nut,” he insisted.

“It’s a terrible thing. I’ve got 10,000 guns out there with my name on them and I don’t want anybody getting hurt with ’em, even the bad guys who are supposed to being shot,” he said.

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