Written by Chloe Burcham

Flipping your hair over into a side-parting is the easiest (and cheapest) way to update your look. Here are 16 ideas for inspiration…

We humans usually fall into two categories: those who experiment with their hair regularly and those who never deviate from what they know. After all, anyone who’s gone through a bad break-up and made the rash decision to go for a big chop will know – switching up your hairstyle doesn’t always have the desired effect. Whether you decide to cut in a fringe, brighten up your balayage or experiment with layers, sometimes, a trip down to the local hairdressers can result in many months of regret. 

Now, don’t get us wrong, some of us love to experiment with our hair and never look back. But if you’re in camp cautious when it comes to mixing up your hairstyle, worry not – because there are still ways that you can experiment with your look over the festive season with zero commitment. 

Enter: side-parting play. The easiest (and cheapest) way to switch-up your hairstyle without requiring any actual commitment. Whether you’re a centre-part person who never flips their hair over or you’re usually a side-part kind of person but you always wear your hair to the same side, something as small as mixing up your parting can really have a massive effect on your style. 

So whether you’re looking for some party hair inspiration, a new year change or simply a way to disguise your greasy roots – below we’ve rounded up 16 gorgeous side-parting hairstyles for you to experiment with. Get ready to screenshot, recreate and watch as the compliments roll in…

Best side-parting hairstyles

  • 1. The slightly off-centre side-parting


  • 2. The ultra chic side-parting


  • 3. The va-va-volume side-parting


  • 4. The major curls side-parting


  • 5. The sweet but chic side-parting


  • 6. The barely-there side-parting


  • 7. The braided side-parting


  • 8. The straight bob side-parting


  • 9. The classically cool side-parting


  • 10. The easy updo side-parting


  • 11. The 70s side-parting


  • 12. The loose waves side-parting


  • 13. The major oomph side-parting


  • 14. The slicked back side-parting


  • 15. The side-parting braid


  • 16. The ever-so-easy side parting


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