Did You Catch the Symbolism Behind Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour Nails?

Image Source: Getty/Matt Winkelmeyer

On March 17, Taylor Swift kicked off The Eras Tour, her latest string of shows where she journeys through her musical periods. To celebrate this new phase, she shared a carousel on Instagram of behind-the-scenes photos from rehearsal with the caption, “In my Eras era.” At the very end, you can see a snap of her nails

The manicure shot shows Swift dressed in embroidered overalls. She’s holding up her hands to reveal a different nail polish color on each finger, which, given the theme of The Era Tour, we have an inkling represents each of her studio albums. After all, 10 albums, 10 fingers, 10 colors. Some of the colors are quite obvious: the black polish on her right thumb is likely for “Reputation,” the red on her left index finger is for “Red,” and the pink with white hearts is for “Lover.”

For the remaining hues, it helps to look at the album covers. The shimmery gold matches the artwork for “Fearless,” and the deep green and blue on her self-titled debut could merge into the turquoise on her left thumb. “1989” has a washed-out peach color to match her right ring finger, and the deep purple on her left middle finger matches the deluxe edition of “Speak Now.” Meanwhile, given Swift’s fondness of the single “Lavender Haze” (it got both its own music video and a dedicated remix EP), the lavender on her middle finger could be for “Midnights.”

Where the detective work gets tricky are the green hues — a light green on her left pinky and a forest green on her right. Our guess is the forest green hints at “Folklore,” which depicts Swift in a forest, surrounded by tall pines and thick brush. Meanwhile, the light green on her left pinky could be for “Evermore” where Swift is pictured coming out of the wilderness.

See Swift’s “Eras” nails for yourself on her Instagram page.

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