‘I bought a DNA kit for a laugh and it destroyed my entire family’

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A man has “destroyed his entire family” after an £80 DNA kit exposed his mum as a cheater.

He told how he bought testing kits for himself and his dad following the recent “craze” in them.

However, he never expected his results to turn their lives upside down, reports The Mirror.

The 19-year-old said: “We got our results back a few days ago and I went into the DNA relatives section to check out my matches.

“At the top, it listed my dad as only sharing 29.2 per cent DNA with me and being predicted to be a half-brother, which is impossible.

“This didn’t make sense to me since we also shared a paternal haplogroup and we just look so alike, so he was definitely my father.”

The teen later learned he shares 24.6 per cent DNA with his cousin – also predicting her to be his half-sister – as cousins usually shared around 12 per cent.

He added: “I couldn’t think of a genetic relationship that would explain what I was seeing and I had doubts in the accuracy of the percentages.

“The shared percentages are extremely accurate and highly unlikely to be false.

“The only realistic explanation for what I was seeing was that my uncle, my cousin’s father and my dad’s brother, is my father.

“Reality hit me in the face like a flying bag of bricks.

“All the dots lined up and I felt a sense of loss.

“I sat in my room for an hour just in shock and then I had a feeling of anger come over me. I needed some answers.”

Without giving it a second thought, he showed his mum his DNA results – and asked her why they weren’t adding up.

“My irrational self didn’t even sugarcoat it. I asked her if she cheated on dad with uncle David,” he said.

“I have never seen the colour drain from someone’s face so quickly.

“She looked dumbfounded and then mumbled ‘What kind of question is this? Of course not.’

“I told her everything – the test, percentages, DNA matches, all of it! My mum fell to the ground crying, begging me not to tell dad.”

He went on to explain how he phoned up his cousin – actually his half-sister – to tell her everything.

“She ended the call screaming. My dad (now uncle) then came home and stumbled into my room asking what’s wrong with mum.

“I told him everything too. He didn’t say anything after calming down. He left the room and I locked the door.

“For the next few hours, I heard my entire family fall apart outside my door.

“My parents got into a heated argument and my grandparents rushed over to see what was going on.

“My aunt-in-law and David showed up shortly later and I’m pretty sure I heard my dad and David get into some physical fight. Utter chaos.

“I feel like s*** – I know it’s not my fault but I can’t help feeling that this is all because of me.

“If I had spent my birthday money on something else, none of this would have happened, but another part of me is glad to know the truth.”

After sharing his story on Reddit, many users came up with ways he could try to salvage the relationships between his loved ones, while others offered him words of support.

One user said: “Call your dad, and make it clear you still see him as your father – it could really help him out.”

Another user added: “The only person at fault is your mother and ‘uncle’.

“They are the ones who cheated and lied. You don’t need to feel guilty about exposing their guilt.

“Your real dad is the guy who raised you, not the guy whose genes are more similar.”

A third user said: “Your dad would be devastated! Give him time, space and comfort him.”

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