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A COIN collector is flogging an incredibly rare coin designed for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee for an eye-watering £50,000.

The coin, which is on sale on eBay, is listed as being "brand-new" and was made as a tribute to Her Majesty’s 70 years of service.

The late Queen – who passed away last September at the age of 96 – celebrated her Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.  

To celebrate the occasion, Hattons of London created only 5,999 coins as part of their collector's item range.

The coin was made using platinum gold, a unique alloy of 22 carat gold, and two carats of platinum – all in a bid to reference the Platinum Jubilee.

Eight months after the Jubilee, one of the coins – which was originally purchased for £78.99 – has now gone up for sale on eBay for a whopping £50,000. 

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The coin has the Queen's side profile on one side and an illustration of the goddess Artemis on the reverse.

While one side features the traditional Latin that appears on all coins, Hattons of London paid homage to the Queen's "unbreakable leadership" on the other.

The designers also included the year in which the coin was made – 2022.

The seller's description of the coin reads: "We are about to witness an event that has never happened before, in the entirety of British history. In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first British monarch ever to reach a Platinum Jubilee.

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It adds: "To commemorate an event of this magnitude, it requires a gold sovereign coin that will also ‘stand the test of time’.

"Even putting to one side the significance of the event they celebrate; this is amongst the most highly significant one-eighth sovereign coins ever released. It will stand apart in the same way Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee does."

The coin is the world’s first one-eighth sovereign coin ever to be minted with ‘platinum-gold’; used in recognition of the Platinum Jubilee.

There are plenty of other rare coins on sale online – like the  rare Blue Peter 50p which sold for a whopping £235 on eBay.

The Royal Mint, the official coin maker of British coins, often produces limited edition coins which can fetch many times their face value.

Meanwhile, one coin collector is flogging a 50p Brexit coin for an eye-watering £15,000.

The eBay offering – coined as "very rare" – is billed as being in "good condition".

Plus, The Sun shared the top 10 rare coins you might have in your change that could sell for plenty on eBay.

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