This Sunday, England will play Italy in the final of the Euros.

It’s going to be a big day for revelry (and potentially commiserations), with the country a sea of white and red for the occasion.

A shirt is the standard item to show your support, but die-hards might want another way to signal their fan status: nail art.

Nail art in general is having a moment right now, with negative space manicures and coloured tips dominating.

Instead, why not go all out for the match with St George’s cross nail look.

Although there might not be time to get a salon appointment, this simple tutorial shows you how.

What you’ll need

  • Red polish
  • White polish
  • A clear topcoat
  • An old eyeliner brush (washed) or nail art brush for detailing

How to do it

Prep your nails however you normally would, clipping hangnails and cuticles and filing to your desired shape.

After prepping, paint the nail fully white. You’ll need two coats to get a light, bright colour. Leave to fully dry.

Once your base is ready, steady your hand. Use your detail brush (this needs to be very thin, which is why we suggested a specific nail art brush or a cleaned eyeliner brush) to draw a vertical line in red up the middle of each nail.

If you’re worried about smudging this, wait until it’s dry until you start the next step.

Draw a vertical line over the middle of your nail – also in red – to create a St George’s Cross design.

Wait until this is dry, then paint on a topcoat. Once this is dry, you’re good to go.

Top tips

If you’re struggling with a brush, try using a toothpick. You can start with dots to create a direction for the line, or paint the long end of the toothpick and press this on. Whatever works best for you.

Red, white, and blue tips can be created with a standard polish brush. Simply paint – in a vertical motion – the top millimetre or so of your nail with your desired colour. Cover with topcoat once dry.

Ghthenailartist, whose design is featured above, recommends mixing things up with a matte topcoat if you want something different.

Always add cuticle oil at the end of your routine.

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