Debating your next Glossier order? We run through the products that have become permanent fixtures in our beauty routines.

Any time Glossier launches a new product, it causes a wave of excitement. But its clever formulas, inclusive shade ranges and impressive results show that what lies within the millennial pink packaging goes way beyond just Instagram fodder.

The Glossier line-up is packed with cult products, despite only launching in the US in 2014 with just four products. It later came to the UK, where it has become a firm favourite in just three years, and its portfolio only continues to grow.

As well as branching out into clothing, bags and water bottles with its glossiWEAR line, the team has brought out a few exciting products this year, including a Glossier You-scented hand cream, Skywash eyeshadows and a new moisturiser created for oily skin types.

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Of course, we want to try everything but sadly, our bank balances don’t often allow it. So when a secret Glossier discount code accidentally leaked in March, customers went into a shopping frenzy. The code was quickly taken down, though Glossier still honoured any purchases made.

But founder Emily Weiss says the experience gave her and the Glossier team “a true understanding of how much joy a mid-year Glossier sale could bring [their] community”. So, the beauty brand is offering 20% off all its products – yes, every single product – with the code FRIENDSOFGLOSSIER. The code will run until 14 June.

Suddenly inspired to go shopping for your own Glossier haul? Here, we run through our favourite products of all time – but please note, all of the prices listed do not include the 20% off discount..

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The best Glossier products, according to the Stylist team

  • Glossier Boy Brow

    Best Glossier products: Boy Brow

    “My brows are pretty sparse, so I’m always looking for new ways to make them look fuller,” says Lauren Geall, junior digital writer. “I’ve experimented with various brow gels over the years but Boy Brow, £14, is the first eyebrow gel which gives my brows dimension while still maintaining a natural look.” Available in five shades, from Black to Auburn, this brow gel was inspired by traditional hair pomade to keep brow hairs in place without making them stiff.

    Shop Glossier Boy Brow at Glossier, £14

    buy now

  • Glossier You

    Best Glossier products: Glossier You

    With notes of musk, ambrette and ambrox, this warm perfume transforms on skin, meaning it smells a little differently on everybody. “I find Glossier’s You, £45, very comforting,” says Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer. “In fact, I found myself spritzing it a lot at the beginning of lockdown as it made me feel so good. The musky scent isn’t strong but it has great staying power and I always get compliments when I wear it.”

    Shop Glossier You at Glossier, £36

    buy now

  • Glossier The Beauty Bag

    Best Glossier products: The Beauty Bag

    Aptly named The Beauty Bag, £28, Glossier has launched a gorgeous make-up bag that is roomy enough to house your entire beauty routine. Designed in the brand’s signature millennial pink hue (of course), it’s emblazoned with the Glossier logo in red – two clashing colours that go together perfectly. It also features stylish measurement markings and a red zip.

    However, much like the rest of its products, Glossier has made sure The Beauty Bag is Instagram-worthy but functional, too. The rectangular bag is tall enough for bottles – such as your cleanser or moisturiser – to stand up in, meaning more room and less risk of spills. As for the exterior of the bag, it’s made from water-resistant coated cotton for the more accident-prone among us. Also, the felt red interior of the bag is a removal pouch and has pockets for smaller items like lip balms.

    Shop Glossier The Beauty Bag at Glossier, £28

    buy now

  • Glossier Balm Dotcom

    Best Glossier products: Balm Dotcom

    Balm Dotcom Original, a fragrance-free and untinted lip balm, was one of the first products Glossier launched with. Since then, Glossier has expanded the Balm Dotcom family and now, you’ll find flavours including Rose, Mint, Mango, Coconut and one of our personal favourites, Berry – some of which give lips a sheer tint, too.

    All of them are packed with ultra-hydrating ingredients. It contains castor seed oil, a thick emollient that bind with water to keep moisture locked in, beeswax for a protective barrier, cupuacu fruit extract to deliver moisturising fatty acids and rosemary leaf extract for protective antioxidants.

    Shop Glossier Balm Dotcom at Glossier, £10

    buy now

  • Glossier Brow Flick

    Available in three shades, this brow pen adds depth, definition and doesn’t look blocky. “There is a knack to using Brow Flick, £15, (hold the pen completely perpendicular to the face, and flick gently upwards) but once mastered, it’s excellent at drawing on lots of teeny, tiny individual hairs – perfect if you like the fluffy and feathery brow look,” says Shannon Peter, beauty director, who swears by Brow Flick for her eyebrow routine.

    Shop Glossier Brow Flick at Glossier, £15

    buy now

  • Glossier Cloud Paint

    Cloud Paint is a gel-cream blusher that starts off sheer but can be built up for serious colour pay off. As well as blurring powders for a smooth finish, it also contains collagen to leave skin looking healthier and dewy. All of the shades are inspired by New York City sunsets.

    “This one took me by surprise because, if I’m being honest I only really bought it because I wanted to be part of the Glossier Gang I kept seeing on Instagram,” says Jazmin Kopotsha, deputy digital editor. “I’ve been using Cloud Paint in the shade Storm, £15 as part of my daytime makeup routine for years now. I dot the tiniest amount on my cheeks and I blend in for instant warmth in my complexion. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how subtle it looks.” The formula is intensely pigmented so to avoid going overboard, blend it out with your fingers – the warmth will make it melt into skin. 

    Shop Glossier Cloud Paint at Glossier, £15

    buy now

  • Glossier Cleanser Concentrate

    Best Glossier products: Cleanser Concentrate

    This cleanser does it all. It’s packed with gentle exfoliators, including lactic and malic acid, to slough away dead, dull skin. It has chamomile flower water and calendula extra to soothe your complexion. And it contains passionfruit extract, an antioxidant that protects skin.

    It feels great on skin, too. The oil emulsifies on contact with water and gently draws up make-up, SPF and dirt. It’s also fragrance-free and, in true Glossier fashion, the glass bottle and amber-hued liquid look chic on your bathroom shelf.

    Shop Glossier Cleanser Concentrate at Glossier, £18

    buy now

  • Glossier Stretch Concealer

    On the search for a natural-looking concealer? Look no further. “This is not the concealer for you if you’re looking for industrial-strength coverage in a completely matte finish,” explains Peter. “In fact, Stretch Concealer, £13, is the complete opposite. It’s light and thin, meaning it simply veils skin and the texture is so impossibly dewy. I use it to perk up my dark circles rather than completely masking them.”

    Shop Glossier Stretch Concealer at Glossier, £15

    buy now

  • Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

    Best Glossier products: Perfecting Skin Tint

    Infusing skincare and make-up, this tinted moisturiser delivers a sheer-yet-buildable tint to skin that brightens and evens out your complexion. It’s available in 12 “adaptable” shades to cover everybody, doesn’t mask your facial features and contains glycerin to keep skin moisturised. No wonder it’s so popular in beauty circles.

    Shop Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint at Glossier, £20

    buy now

  • Glossier Invisible Shield

    Best Glossier products: Invisible Shield

    It’s important to wear SPF all year round and this one always comes up tops amongst our beauty team. It’s a lightweight SPF30 water-gel formula that feels comfortable on skin. When applied, the formula is completely transparent (meaning no white cast), doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue and sits well under make-up.

    Shop Glossier Invisible Shield at Glossier, £20

    buy now

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