John Legend’s Latest Venture: Affordable Skin Care For Melanin-Rich Skin

The list of celebrity-owned beauty brands grows. John Legend recently announced plans to launch an affordable skin-care line catering to consumers with melanated and dark skin tones and also keeping in mind pigmentation disorders and skin conditions, like eczema. The line is in the development phase, and a name has not yet been shared publicly.

“Of course, I’m in the public eye, and so there’s a bit more of a premium placed on making sure we take care of ourselves and present ourselves well to the public,” Legend tells Fortune. “But everybody has skin, and everybody cares about their skin, and everybody cares about presenting themselves well in every situation, whether it’s, you know, family, community, or wherever they are.”

The singer’s skin-care venture is part of his new partnership with A-Frame Brands. (The holding company also has Naomi Osaka’s Kinlò and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s forthcoming Proudly in its portfolio.) Legend admires the company’s attention to traditionally underrepresented and underserved groups, and says A-Frame Brands is “concerned about creating something that is affordable and accessible to all kinds of people” and “truly loves people of color and wants to provide people of color with the care that we deserve.”

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