Toni Braxton Revealed The \”Magic Wand\” She Uses In Her Skincare Routine

It isn’t unusual for a celebrity to tout at least one skincare product you’ve never seen used. Typically, it’s because they’re pricey, custom-made, and sometimes not even on the market yet. Many of these might even boast some kind of extraordinary ingredient such as gold, or a hard-to-find one like orchid extract. And after one glance at Toni Braxton’s flawless complexion, it should come as no surprise that her skincare lineup includes a secret tool, too. Thing is the secret to the 53-year-old’s flawless skin isn’t actually designed for skincare but a very different region. The go-to product? A vibrator.

Yup. The singer uses Trojan’s Power Wand Vibrator all over her face in combination with a tried, true, and simple routine that keeps her skin looking and feeling good. Ahead, find out how she maintains that stunning skin and how exactly that power wand works its magic.

Her cleanser costs less than $10.

“I’m a simple, basic girl,” Toni said in video she filmed for Vogue detailing her skin and makeup routines.I like to go to Walgreens or CVS to wash my face and I found this great product that I love, and, of course, it’s Aveeno. It really works and it’s great for me.”

In the video, she applies a small amount of Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser to her fingertips and rubs it in using small circular motions around her entire face. Once she’s rinsed it off, she doesn’t rub her face with a towel, which can put the skin’s elastin at risk, as Women’s Health has previously reported, but pats her face dry instead.

Moisturizer is a must.

Toni’s daily routine also includes moisturizer made by Lancer Skincare. She heats up the cream in her hands and then applies it to her face and her neck because she says it “soothes all those lines” and allows her makeup to “go on much smoother,” she adds in the video. And clearly, the stuff works.

Next, she follows that up with another Lancer product: the Legacy Eye Treatment Duo. She swipes the applicator underneath both eyes to keep the sensitive skin in that area plump and hydrated.

She gives her face a massage courtesy of some good vibrations.

The moment you’ve been waiting for.

What you call a vibrator Toni calls a “face tingler,” in the video. “It tingles the muscles in my face to get them activated and working.” You might laugh considering her “tingler” of choice, but there’s a whole lotta truth to what she’s saying. “Facial massage reduces excess fluid, relieves tension, and boosts circulation,” Sadie Adams, a facialist, previously told Women’s Health. It can even help keep your hormones in check and your acne at bay.

Toni mostly concentrates the vibrator at her under-eye area since that’s the part of the faceshe says in the video, “tells your age.” Sometimes, she’ll even put the vibrator in the freezer for a colder sensation that will help to reduce swelling and puffiness.

Toni doesn’t skimp on the CBD products.

Because she has lupus, a chronic auto-immune disease that attacks healthy tissue, causes inflammation, and rashes, Toni is a fan of CBD products.

“I didn’t know anything about CBD products,” Toni told Health. “I just thought I’d try this product, and then from there, I learned about it and started educating myself, and I love it. I’m on so many medications right now for lupus, so it’s nice to have something that helps that isn’t another medication.”

CBD products make it possible for the singer to keep her skin clear and allows her a chance to keep performing since lupus also affects her joints and muscles. She calls CBD a godsend. Toni’s favorites include Uncle Bud’s Topical Pain Relief Oil and Uncle Bud’s Hemp Body Lotion Moisturizer. She’s also a big fan of Uncle Bud’s rose gold hemp face mask which she shared on Instagram.

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“I think it really helps contribute to a well-rounded wellness routine,” she told the mag.

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