January 2021 Will Be The Most Romantic Month For These Zodiac Signs

When setting intentions for the new year, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Despite whether your answer is "love," this is an excellent time to cultivate the happiness you seek personally, professionally, or romantically. January 2021 will be the most romantic month for three zodiac signs — Taurus, Cancer, and Leo — and they have so much to look forward to.

The first month of the year kicks off on an interesting note, as red-hot Mars will officially leave its post-retrograde shadow in Aries on Jan. 2, after quite the chaotic retrograde journey. This means the planet of assertion, energy, and passion will be back to basics, which ultimately affects everything from relationship dynamics to one’s sexual desires. Shortly after, the god of passion will makes its debut in sensually driven Taurus, bringing energy to themes revolving around finances, security, and stability.

Fast forward to Jan. 8, when clever Mercury slides into rebellious Aquarius, bringing intellectual focus to themes revolving around the future, society, and individual ideals. (This is important to keep in mind, as Mercury will station retrograde on Jan. 30, so pay attention to what comes up for you during this time, especially if it involves a romantic connection with someone via social media.) Venus will also make her grand entrance in pragmatic Capricorn, highlighting everything from relationship foundations to financial investments.

The good news is neither Mars nor Venus will put up with shenanigans in the love department this month, which is ideal for those of you looking for something serious. Having said that, here’s why Taurus, Cancer, and Leo are most likely to have a January full of romance:

Taurus: You’re As Magnetic As Ever, And Everyone Is Eye Candy

Despite your innate glamour and Venusian ways, you’re especially powerful in January, Taurus. After all, it’s not every day you have Mars in your sign; although, in addition to being blessed with smoldering sex appeal all month long, your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, will eventually link up with Mars, and this will be nothing short of erotic. Together, these two planets represent the sacred equilibrium between the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. A cosmic elixir, swirling with sensuality amidst emanating an incredible amount of power, there’s something innately divine about this transit. Are you ready to bring the fire?

Cancer: You’re Experimenting And Romantically Inspired

When are you not smitten in love, Cancer? Although, despite this being your favorite pastime, January’s astro-weather is bound to pull on some of your heartstrings. For instance, in addition to having both the sun and Venus shaking up your committed seventh house of relationships and significant others — bringing energy and harmony to this area of your life — the sun and Mercury will join Jupiter and Saturn in your erotic eighth house of intimacy later in January, inspiring you to take things to the next level.

Leo: You’re Focusing More On Your Committed Partnerships

Here’s the deal, Leo. Though Capricorn season is typically hectic, Venus will be around to soothe tensions, which makes things a little sweeter. This is especially true for those of you crushing on someone in the workplace, as Venus will join the sun in your responsible sixth house of due diligence. In more important news, the sun will enter Aquarius and your seventh house of committed relationships later in January, shifting your focus toward themes revolving compromise and significant others. Given that Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, is currently transiting through your 10th house of career, this foreshadows unexpected romance, perhaps near or within the workplace.

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