Christina Haack is not only a star on HGTV, she is also a social media maven. The Christina on the Coast television personality has been making headlines regarding her love life. Haack finalized her divorce from Ant Anstead in 2021 and shortly after went public with boyfriend Josh Hall later that year. The couple is now engaged to get married and some critics have been hard on her for moving to a new relationship so quickly. Haack is now clapping back at the haters and showing how much in love she is.

Haack took to Instagram to share a post with her fiancé as they enjoyed some time together. The beach backdrop was the perfect setting for the couple to showcase their love. Haack captioned the photo in what is seemingly a shot at all the critics that have called her out for wanting to get married so quickly after finalizing her divorce.

“Too fast, too soon, too blah blah blah.. that feeling of pure bliss / those deep convos, love is what it is,” Haack posted.

Following the caption, Haack added a heart emoji, a lock emoji, and a key emoji. Seems that Haack and Hall are locked in their love and no one can take that away from them. It wasn’t long before some fans took to the comments to show their support and advise her not to listen to what the social media trolls have to say.

“Live your life who cares what other people say,” a fan replied.

“All that matters is how you both feel and those sweet kids of yours. Everything else is just noise. Ignore it as life is too short,” a follower shared.

“Hope you are sure!! Too much too soon can burn out soon,” an Instagram user added.

“Sooo right! Just live your life and be happy! Nothing else matters. Congrats to you,” another fan said.

“As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters! And you definitely seem happy,” another follower mentioned.

“Exactly! Who cares what anyone else thinks other than your kids. End of the day, it’s your life to live,” another Instagram user noted.
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