Loose Women: Denise Welch takes aim at the royal family

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Outspoken Loose Women panellist Denise Welch, 64, has hit out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 50. The soap actress was left fuming over a clip of the leader discussing the probability of another lockdown this winter. 

Denise, who has always been vocal about the negative mental health implications of lockdowns, spoke out against the PM in full view of her 534,000 followers. 

The initial post shared by another Twitter user read: “CANADA  – Trudeau stating in order to avoid restrictions this winter, 80 – 90% of the population must comply. 

“It didn’t set you free, it tied you to the whims of tyranny always.

“Oh Canada.” 

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The politician said in the video from the Canadian Independent: “We want to be done with Covid, but it’s still around. 

“We have more tools and knowledge to tackle the issues. 

“But we know that as winter comes, Covid will come back.” 

Denise then quote-tweeted the post, and didn’t shy away from sharing her verdict, as she fumed: “I despise this man!!!” 

Her fans were divided over their own opinions on the subject. 

@CcSalv sided with Trudeau and tweeted: “A great leader, who puts the health of his people before money.”

However, @JanetWa989 said: “Me too, smug, supercilious, patronising, condescending and a liar.”

@Cashandcarrots told Denise: “Don’t know what your problem is. 

“He is stating the blooming obvious and there is nothing in that speech that isn’t built upon peer reviewed science of immunology and virology. 

“Viruses gonna virus. Up to you whether you act in an altruistic way for your fellow human beings.” 

@SolwayScott put: “Compromised by the WEF and Herr Klaus, he’s a junior member and is doing as he’s told. 

“Ironically Liz Truss is a junior member too………watch this space.”

@PaulMcG01 said: “What’s he done to you?  

“Your comment is ridiculous it’s like me saying I despise you!”

It comes after Trudeau responded to a recent stabbing in Canada which tragically left 10 dead and 15 injured. 

He wrote in respect to those who lost their lives: “The attacks in Saskatchewan today are horrific and heartbreaking,” he tweeted. 

“I’m thinking of those who have lost a loved one and of those who were injured.”

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