Mrs Hinch has made a dramatic trip to the hospital after she experienced an incredible painful injury and declared she'd snapped "her toe in half".

The cleaning guru extraordinaire, 31, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, shared the news on her Instagram Stories in the early hours of Friday morning (December 3).

The social media star, who is mum to Ronnie, two, and baby Lennie, born this year, with her husband Jamie Hinchliffe, filmed herself wandering the hospital halls after having an X-Ray for her toe.

“Well hello everyone. 1am in the morning and I’ve just had an X-Ray on my toe!” the star began. “I thought I had dislocated it turns out I’ve literally snapped my toe in half. Good one Soph.”

“I’m just walking back to A&E from X-Ray I have literally snapped my toe in half, like snapped it. It’s broke," the star, who shared a hilarious Elf on the Shelf faux pas this week, continued. "Completely broke.

Sophie continued speaking to her followers, as she was interrupted by a nurse passing by.

Sophie then informed she was “going the wrong way” and the injured star had to do a U-turn.

“And now I’m just naturally following a nurse around and she’s just told me ‘I’m going the wrong way but she loves watching my stories’,” Sophie posted next to a string of laughing emojis. “Love her!”

After receiving a host of messages and encouragement from her fans following the unexpected hospital dash, Sophie posted another snap with a thumbs-up, showing she still had her sense of humour despite the drama.

“You all crack me up!” the author declared laughing, going on to put her fans at ease with an explanation of how she ended up in A&E in the middle of the night.

“Well I was trying Lennie in his own bedroom again and I heard him cry so I jumped up out of bed and ran to his bedroom but caught my toe on the door frame and heard it crack," she said.

“I tried to pop it back straight myself… no luck, come for an X-Ray and it’s snapped. The X-Ray picture was rather interesting!

"Who would have thought a little toe could be so blooming painful eh,” Sophie added.

Sophie later revealed that after an “eventful” evening she finally arrived back home again at 4am, but sadly she wasn’t able to go back to sleep because she was being picked up at 6am to go into London for an appearance on Virgin Radio.

The star joked she was wearing “one shoe and one slipper” for the show as she laughed: “Happy bloomin' Friday everyone!"

Only hours earlier, Mrs Hinch had been sharing hilarious Stories of her and husband Jamie rowing over getting the Christmas decorations down from the attic.

The blonde beauty shouted "just give me something red or green, or a gonk" to her husband, who seemed oblivious to her stress.

The star's husband then asked her if she wanted the "base" for the Christmas tree, and Sophie joked she was going to "lose it" before launching the rattan-style object onto a pile of festive things.

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