IF you love the taste of alcohol but the thought of a hangover makes you shiver, then may we bring to your attention some of the best non-alcoholic gins for your consideration.

Gin has become hugely popular again over the last few years for its floral, fragrant taste and how light it is paired with all different types of tonics.

It derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries and is a distilled alcoholic drink that originated as a medicinal liquor.

At the same time, more and more people are becoming tee-total or cutting back on their alcohol consumption, but that doesn't mean giving up on their favourite alcoholic drinks.

Known sometimes as 'clean gin' alcohol free options are full of the flavours that you would find in regular, alcoholic spirits but many either have a very low alcohol content or none at all.

So quench your thirst and say goodbye to dreaded hangovers with our best non-alcoholic gins to see you through party season and beyond.

We tested: Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin

  • Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin, £12 from Amazon – buy here

As the best-selling gin in the world, it's no surprise that Gordon's has jumped on the wagon with a booze-free version of its dry gin.

At just six calories per double measure, it's significantly healthier than its alcoholic counterpart, and there's strong notes of the juniper and citrus that you look for in a gin and tonic.

And at £12 a bottle on Amazon, it's at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

You can read our Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin review here.

Sipsmith FreeGlider Non-Alcoholic Spirit

  • Sipsmith FreeGlider Non-Alcoholic Spirit, £20 from Amazon – buy here

With hints of juniper and citrus the Sipsmith FreeGlider is the perfect alcohol-free alternative to your favourite spirit when it comes to enjoying several G&T's…

It's the perfect treat, but since it only has 0.5 percent alcohol content you can still drive afterwards which means zero hangover the morning after.

Serve in a tall glass with a twist of grapefruit zest for the full experience.

Fluère Alcohol-Free Spirits

  • Fluère Alcohol-Free Spirits, £25 from Harvey Nichols – buy here

With this spirit you can expect to taste fresh, fragrant flavours like coriander, lime, lavender and juniper which isn't only perfect for a G&T but can also be used as the base of a plethora of cocktails like Bloody Mary's and Negronis.

Basically, whatever you're after, it's got you covered.

Packaged in a bottle that would take pride of place on any drinks cabinet, the aromas and flavours are sourced from four continents and because it's 100 percent alcohol free, you can drink as much as you like without any fuzzy heads in the morning. The dream.

Lyre’s Premium Dry London Non-Alcoholic Spirit

  • Lyre’s Premium Dry London Non-Alcoholic Spirit, £21.15 from Amazon – buy here

This non-alcoholic spirit comes with an added bonus of a virtual one to one mixology session so you'll be talked through exactly how to use if for the most delicious drink.

This tipple is served best with a mixer, so whip up your favourite gin and tonic or gin based cocktail for a luxurious drink without the headache.

Plus, you can have as many as you like because of its zero alcohol content.

Atopia Non Alcohol Spiced Citrus

  • Atopia Non Alcohol Spiced Citrus, £18 from Amazon – buy here

Just like a perfume or cologne, spirits have notes. This non-alcoholic offering from Atopia is no different.

Combining orange, lemon and coriander and extracts of spice and orange blossom this drink is best served with tonic water for a fruity gin and tonic.

Pentire Adrift Non-Alcoholic Gin

  • Pentire Adrift Non-Alcoholic Gin, £21.64 from Amazon – buy here

If this was sat in your drinks cabinet, no one would be any the wiser that it's not got a drop of alcohol in it.

Coming in a chic, modern bottle with a cork stopper top, Pentire Adrift has no artificial flavourings, colourings and has no added sugar. Plus it's vegan friendly.

Serve over ice with tonic water and taste the flavours of Samphire, citrus and Cornish sea salt. Yum.

Amplify Distilled Alcohol Free Spirit

  • Amplify Distilled Alcohol Free Spirit, £14.22 from Amazon – buy here

Amplify nabbed the gold award in the low and no category from the Spirits Business 2021 so you can rest assured that it's a good one.

With tasting notes of orange for sweetness and lemon for an added zing, this pairs beautifully with your tonic of choice for a refreshing evening indulgence.

Serve with a slice of orange or an orange peel in a tall glass with ice.

CleanCo Clean G

  • Clean G Gin Alternative, £19 from CleanCo – buy here

The Clean Liquor Company was founded by Spencer Matthews (of Made in Chelsea fame) in 2019 since he wanted to create authentic products that were full-flavoured, cleaner alternatives to your favourite spirits.

Clean G bases its taste on a classic London dry gin and has no sugar or sweeteners, with the perfect balance of natural botanicals.

The alcohol volume is just 1.2% and it is also lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. We think the bottle looks pretty stylish, too.

Caleño Light & Zesty

  • Caleño Light, £18 from Master of Malt– buy here

Although not officially called a gin, the Caleño Light gin alternative has a strong sense of it, thanks to its impressive mix of juniper berries, which are classically used to make gin.

It also includes 10 other botanicals with no artificial colours, sugar or sweeteners. It has a zingy fresh taste with only 39 calories per 100ml and zero alcohol -meaning you can definitely indulge in more than one for your evening out. Just add tonic and ice!

Sea Arch Alcohol-free Gin

  • Sea Arch, £15.95 from Amazon – buy here

Inspired by the breezy Devon coastline, Sea Arch is a great alternative for people who are gin devotees but are looking to cut down this year.

One fan cites it as ‘a great taste and clean fresh flavour’ while it is made using traditional distillation techniques.

It even includes infusions of sea kelp, samphire, and blood orange along with classic juniper for that refreshing gin-like taste.

It's suitable for vegans, too, and is sugar, lactose and sweetener-free. We think it makes a great summer drink or will go great in a classic mocktail, and the bottle is definitely a keeper.

Warner’s Botanic Garden Spirits

  • Warner’s Botanic Garden Spirits Juniper Double Dry, £24.98 from Amazon – buy here

Like your gin really dry? Then look no further than Warner’s double dry alcohol-free gin.

Born in 2012 by Tom Warner, who is now an award-winning gin producer, this refreshing drink gives you all the taste of your favourite G&T but without the alcohol.

Its notes are described as citrusy and herbal, with sweet spices and a warm woody finish. There's also a pink gin-inspired version, too.

Ceder's Wild Non-Alcoholic Spirit

  • Ceder's Wild Non-Alcoholic Spirit, £15 from Amazon – buy here

Originating from Sweden, but inspired by the Cape Mountains in South Africa, Ceder's alcohol-free gin alternative gives an infusion of juniper, clove and rooibos to your glass.

Coming in at under £20 on Amazon, it's also a bargain buy for those days you want an alcohol-free tipple at a good price.

Gin devotees will have their taste buds satisfied with this invigorating beverage, with which Ceder's recommends adding tonic, a slice of grapefruit, and a sprig of basil to for the ultimate finish.

Salcombe Distilling Co 'New London Light'

  • Salcombe Distilling Co 'New London Light,’ £27.50 from John Lewis – buy here

Make the most out of life (but without the hangover) with Devon-based Salcombe Distilling Company.

The distillery's ‘New London Light,’ was a winner of the 2021 People’s Choice Spirits Award for the ‘Mindful Drinking’ category, and its gin-like drink is critically acclaimed.

It has zero alcohol and is gluten-free while being suitable for vegans too. The end result? A long and smooth drink with sweet orange and star anise notes, coupled with floral coriander and lemongrass. Best make it a double, then.


  • STRYKK NOT G*N, £14.96 from Amazon – buy here

STRYKK's slogan is 'all the spirit, none of the alcohol' and with its combination of coriander, sage, basil and juniper, we think it has the perfect base for a delicious cocktail.

It boasts no fat, saturates, sugar, artificial flavours, or allergens, and is suitable for vegans.

It's low in calories, but high in flavour, and recommended with a slice of lemon or lime and a splash of tonic. Delicious.

Seedlip Alcohol-Free Spice 94 Non-Alcoholic Spirit

  • Seedlip Spice 94 Non-Alcoholic Spirit, £21.95 from Amazon – buy here

Seedlip is the company behind some of the best-know, tastiest non-alcoholic spirits.

With ingredients such as Jamaican allspice berry and cardamom, with a refreshing citrus finish, its non-alcoholic alternatives are certainly a unique take on gin.

While Seedlip's offering don't taste exactly like your classic gin, its offerings boasthints of gin as the base of the drink, and then pairs other natural botanical ingredients with it to create a unique drink.

Seedlip suggests serving its Spice 94 with tonic water, ice, and a wedge of citrus fruit for the ultimate chilled beverage.

Clean G Pink

  • Clean G Pink, £19 from CleanCo – buy here

CleanCo has featured once already in this list, but here it is again, this time with its delicious pink gin alternative.

Fans of sweeter, fruiter gins will love CleanCo's take on pink gin with its refreshing hints of strawberry, raspberry, juniper and pink peppercorn.

It has less than 0.5% alcohol, 13 calories per 50ml serving, and, like the Clean G above, is vegan, sugar, sweetener, lactose and gluten-free.


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