Are you, like us, forever searching for the look of a salon lash lift in a tube? Maybelline claims to have found the answer – by creating a mascara made with HAIRSPRAY technology.

Colossal Curl Bounce, £10.99 here, is the follow-up to the brand’s Sky High, which was one of the biggest viral smashes of 2021. Keen to create a similar buzz of its own, this new mascara boasts a first-of-its-kind “memory curl technology” using a polymer normally found in hard-hold setting spray.

(Note to all TikTok fame-seekers – do NOT attempt to create a DIY version using Elnett on your eyelashes please…)

The claim is the formula will lift and curl your lashes and then lock them there in place all day without smudging or flaking. Maybelline reckons the effect is so impressive, you won’t even need to fiddle around with eyelash curlers.

And since nobody wants a one-trick pony in their makeup bag, Colossal Curl Bounce also promises to deliver on volume, definition and length too. That, we’re told, is partly down to the brush design, with shorter bristles on one side for volume and longer bristles on the other which keeps lashes separated while you layer on extra coats.

It all sounds mighty impressive but does it actually work? To find out, OK’s beauty director tested it out, and we also sent it to our Real Beauty panel who were asked to give their 100% independent, genuine (and unpaid for!) reviews.

If you’d like to be one of our Real Beauty testers, you can sign up here. Read on to find out what our volunteers thought, and if this deserves to be the first viral mascara of 2022…

Beauty director Lynne says

As somebody who has known the horror of clamping a bit of eyelid in my curlers, I couldn’t wait to get this fear-free alternative onto my lashes. And, well, wow. My eyelashes are naturally pretty long but with a quick stroke of this mascara, they were hoiked upwards to the point where they were practically tickling my eyebrows.

Ten hours later, they were still firmly fixed in position. What’s more, there was no sign of flaking or smudging, even though I’d layered up three coats to get a generous side-serving of volume along with my curl.

I think it’s safe to say the Metal Menace can stay in the drawer if I’m using this mascara.

The Real Beauty verdict

We sent Colossal Curl Bounce out to 50 women to trial for us, and it was an overwhelming thumbs up. The majority rated it five stars for lash curling, how well the effect lasted and its overall effect on lashes (think volume, length and separation). What’s more, over 80% said they wouldn’t need a separate lash curler either. Verdict: Real Beauty approved!

Laura from Staffordshire told us: “My eyelashes tend to stick straight out naturally so you can't see them very well. I have tried many mascaras but this one is by far the best – I was amazed, I felt like I'd had them professionally curled! At the end of the day my eyelashes were still as lifted and as perfect! Amazing product – I’d give it 12 out of 10!”

Renita from Hertfordshire said: “I loved using this! I first put this on at 9am and by 6pm they were still holding a curl! I am impressed! Friends loved how open my eyes looked and asked me what mascara I used. This mascara is great at what it is set out to do – it really lifts, curls and opens my eyes!”

Heidi from West Yorkshire agreed: “Wow this is fabulous. My lashes appear longer, thicker and the curl is amazing. Definitely wouldn't need to reapply if going out after work. There are no clumps, no smudges and the wand is perfect to get the lift and curl I want. My daughter thought I'd had my lashes tinted and curled. I thought I would not be swayed from my faithful YSL mascara, but I shall be switching!”

Cathy from West Sussex agreed the effects were totally salon-like: “This mascara is as good as the long and curled look that I get from a lash lift. Amazing! I tested it on a 12-hour shift in a hot hospital ward and the effect lasted all day, my lashes held their curl incredibly! I absolutely love it, the curl and thick lash look lasts all day which I haven't found in a mascara before, and I have tried A LOT!”

Shazeen from West Midlands was impressed by it too: “This is easy to apply, fans out lashes and makes them look long and as if they have been curled with a large curler. My husband commented that my lashes looked lovely!”

Mariya from London called it “an absolute joy” and added: “My lashes are pretty short so the effect was immediate and shocking. My lashes look fabulous and I definitely don't feel the need for any fake eyelashes.”

All round, a hugely impressive performance, especially for £10.99. (We will try to unsee the comment from the tester who thought the packaging looked like “a tampon applicator”..!)

So don’t be surprised if you see this one popping up everywhere on your social feeds this month. Another Colossal mascara hit for Maybelline? We think so!

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