YOU know you've found one of the best face creams when your skin feels velvety soft, wrapped in a moisturising layer of hydration.

Honestly, the best facial moisturisers are a must-have for anyone's daily skincare routine, whether you're a beauty mogul or a quick-wash-and-out-the-door kinda woman.

Of course, one person's favourite face cream can be someone else's worst nightmare…

It all depends on your skin type, for example, dry complexions need thicker formulas with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and dimethicone, whereas if your face is quite oily you'll want to opt for oil-free, water-based and non-comedogenic ointments.

The main purpose of a face cream is to keep your face hydrated and give yourself a fresh base for applying makeup, although there are lots of creams which promise even more.

From anti-ageing gems to brightening best-sellers, we've reviewed some of the most popular, best face creams to shop now. Time for a face off.

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