26 Puppy Bowl 2021 Instagram Captions For Watching The Cutest Event Of The Year

Watching the Puppy Bowl has to be the cutest way to gear up for the Super Bowl. You love to cuddle up on the couch with your own pup to witness adorable furry friends run around on TV and bring toys right to the end zone. This year, there will be just as much puppy love and snuggles, and you’ll need some fresh Puppy Bowl 2021 Instagram captions to pair with any pictures you take with your fur baby during the event.

You, your pup, and your housemates can watch Puppy Bowl XVII on Animal Planet or Discovery+ on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021 at 2 p.m. ET. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends staying at home with the people you live with in order to protect yourself and others from potentially contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. However, by hopping on Zoom, you can virtually include the rest of your friend group to enjoy the sweetest event of the year.

Your crew will be so smitten with all of the MVPs taking on the field at the Puppy Bowl. As the fluff-filled game goes on, you’ll likely take screenshots of your video chat, pose with your pup in front of the TV, or take a candid shot of your housemates enjoying the cuteness overload. The possibilities for content are endless, so gather up your fave Puppy Bowl 2021 Instagram captions from below, and get ready to post your content during your viewing party.

1. "Here for the Puppy Bowl and the Puppy Bowl only."

2. "You had me at puppies."

3. "The only team I care about today is Team Ruff."

4. "Life is ruff, watching the Puppy Bowl helps."

5. "They’re all MVPs in my eyes."

6. "This has been the paw-fect day."

7. "The cutest touchdown dance you’ll ever see."

8. "I’d choose fluff over football any day."

9. "Where are my Team Fluff fans at?"

10. "The weiner dog takes all."

11. "Manifesting a Puppy Bowl commentator job like…"

12. "I refuse to pick a favorite pup from the Puppy Bowl."

13. "Woof, all that running around looks exhausting."

14. "Barking down the Puppy Bowl on my IG stories."

15. "The zoomies are real today."

16. "You can find me wherever the pups are."

17. "Woof woof from the couch."

18. "The Puppy Bowl is on today. Bark yeah!"

19. "This is my favorite event of the year, fur real."

20. "You guys, I saw so many dogs today."

21. "Guacamole and good boys."

22. "It’s a real treat watching the Puppy Bowl right now."

23. "Cheesin’ for the Puppy Bowl."

24. "Giving me a paw at every touchdown."

25. "This situation couldn’t get any sweeter."

26. "Now experiencing cuteness overload."

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