BOARD games are a childhood rite of passage and the best kids’ board games will tear children away from screens, make them squeal with joy, and be as fun to play the 137th time as they were the first.

So amassing a decent collection of board games is well worth the effort – after all, there's no better family activity for rainy weekends or relaxed holidays.

We’ve selected the best kids’ boards games for youngsters of all ages, from all-time classics to brand new hot-right-now games.

Our picks are based on shopper reviews, our own favourites to play with and the opinions of other parents.

Play is super-important in childhood development, and the best kids’ board games can help teach kids cooperative play as well as improving fine motor skills, memory and information processing.

Children can start to enjoy board games before they can read or write: games like Snakes & Ladders encourage early counting skills, while Orchard Toys’ vast selection of toddler and school-age kid games improve memory and get kids thinking about strategy.

As kids get older, family games get even better – and more competitive. You start to create your own rules for games you regularly play – like always getting £500 when you land on Go! In Monopoly. What, just us?

The best kids’ board games are easy to learn and involve some luck as well as some strategic thinking; pretending to lose time and time again quickly gets boring, as most parents know.

Here are the best kids’ board games to add to your toy cupboard. Time to blow on those dice.


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