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SUMMER'S on the horizon, and we've got the best beer dispensers on the market for you to invest in ahead of the heatwave.

A beer dispenser is basically like having your very own beer tap at home, with a mini keg of beer, like you'd get in barrels at the pub.

Not only can you impress your friends by providing IPAs and craft lager on tap, but you'll also get a better taste than just drinking out of cans.

You can purchase a keg of your favourite beers, pop it in your at-home beer draught dispenser, and then pour pints for you and your mates to your heart's content.

Depending on your budget, there are a few price brackets for beer dispensers. Getting a mini-keg is super simple and will cut down on your can-collecting time when the night's over – meaning your heavy recycling bin will thank you.

But the real aficionados will want a draught machine that you hook up to a keg of your favourite beer. That means you can have your ales, lagers and IPAs on tap without having to venture to the pub (and without the hefty price tag, either).

Or, if you've got some time on your hands, and fancy something even more unique, you can even brew your own beer with the Pinter system.

So take a look at the best beer dispensers you can buy in 2022 – you'll thank us afterwards. Cheers to that!

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