PARENTS ARE always on the hunt for the best play tents, which can be an indispensable toy, hideout and comfort space for kids, indoors or out.

So which one is right for your cherub?

For younger kids, you can create a mini version of the soft play experience with a pop-up play tent in your home.

Some have tunnels and come with toys, perfect for igniting young imaginations and letting them run around and expend their energy.

Since these pop up and down, you can fold them away at the end of the day.

A teepee tent is a stylish den a child can keep up in their room – and it's the perfect space to go in when they want some solo time to read a book or write a story.

Kids also love camping trips and sleepovers, so investing in a waterproof tent so you can sleep in the garden as a family is a fun adventure for everyone (bonus: there will be a clean bathroom conveniently close by when the kids need it).

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