Katy Perry is one of the world’s best paid entertainers, and she has reigned supreme for well over a decade. Her ability to captivate an audience and maintain one of the largest number of followers on Instagram has played a huge role in her financial success, and she keeps topping her own records by increasing her wealth significantly each year. There’s something about Katy Perry that is so different than other celebrities – her approach is very laid back, and she barely has to engage her audience at all, to see maximum support and output from them. Unlike other artists who work very hard to solicit their brand, Katy Perry seems to have a natural following of fans that truly adore her, and she organically seems to be able to continue to soar to new heights, seemingly effortlessly.

Fox Business reports on the various sources of revenue that Perry sees, many of which have nothing to do with the music industry at all, but all of which contribute to her astounding $330 million net worth.

6 Music Sales

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Of course, Katy Perry initially broke onto the scene with her unique voice and her colorful, boisterous persona, so it’s important to recognize how her musical talents laid the groundwork for all her future success and earnings. Clearly on the path to even greater success, Perry raked in $57.5 million in the first half of 2019, prior to the end of year calculations even being made.

She has been ranked by Forbes as being one of the best paid women in music, and the amount of money she maid in one year will blow your mind. Between June 2017 and July 2018 alone, she beat out Taylor Swift’s massive earnings, coming out on top with an income of $83 million.

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5 World Tours

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Concerts have proven to be the key to Katy Perry’s financial security, giving her the ability to earn a whopping $1 million a night. That’s correct, each night she appeared live on her tours, such as the Witness: The Tour, she was raking in a profit of $1 million per appearance. That concert ran for 80 days, which is pretty easy math, earning her $80 million in appearances and merchandise sold during the tour.

The Prismatic Tour was an even bigger success. Katy Perry’s appearances for this particular leg of her tour were generating a whopping $2 million each night.

4 American Idol

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Perhaps one of Katy Perry’s greatest successes is her involvement in the American Idol franchise. She was highly sought after by the producers who recognized that her massive fan following consisted of younger fans that would be a huge asset as part of the viewing audience.

The show has had the likes of Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez sitting on the panel, but garnering Katy Perry as a judge instantly boosted the show’s ratings and clinched a whole new viewership. Her negotiated wage in this deal was as significant as her impact on the show. Viewers will be shocked to learn that Katy Perry receives a $25 million pay check for every single episode of American Idol that she films.

3 Lending Her Voice To The Movies

Katy Perry’s voice isn’t just successful when she belts it out while singing on a stage, or being a judge on American Idol, she happens to have lent her voice in the film industry with huge success as well.

Fans may have recognized something very familiar about Smurfette in The Smurfs movies… it was Katy Perry, lending her famous voice in a different capacity, and getting paid very well to do it.

2 Endorsements

Katy Perry’s image is perfection. Her flawless skin and glowing complexion isn’t just perfect for performances, it happens to be recognized by big brand that were prepared to pay even bigger dollars to have Perry represent them.

Similarly to many other celebrities, Perry recognized the value of taking on some brand endorsements, to add to her financial portfolio and her overall exposure to the general public. She has appeared in a number of ads for Proactive and Cover Girl, and has even promoted Citibank credit cards.

Perry has worked outside of music, too. She voiced Smurfette in two “The Smurfs” movies. Also, Perry has appeared in ads for Proactive, Cover Girl, several perfumes and a Citibank credit card. Claires and Coty were lucky enough to also clinch Katy Perry for their brand endorsements as well.

1 Her Own Businesses

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Katy Perry is smart enough to retain control over many aspects of her own brand, inclusive of her own releases of various fragrances. Purr was released in 2010 and Meow! came out the following year. Killer Queen and Mad Potion soon followed, each of which flew off the shelves and generated millions in sales. Her shoe line, part of the Katy Perry Collection has also grown in leaps and bounds and seen enormous sales and success.

Perry also invested in Popchips and became their brand ambassador, making her stakes in the company skyrocket even further. Many may be shocked to learn that Katy Perry even has her very own mobile app game. Katy Perry Pop launched in 2015 and has also padded her earnings.

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