Written by Meg Walters

Get ready to discover your new favourite summer snack.

Summer is here and we cannot wait to get outside into the sunshine. With temperatures reaching up to 37°C next week, there’s never been a better time to reach for a cool refreshing snack. And this year, it’s all about soft serve.

That’s right — ice cream and gelato are being eclipsed by soft serve. This light, delicious, customisable treat is the perfect addition to an afternoon walk in the sun or a lazy park day. 

Luckily, London has plenty of cute spots to grab a quick, tasty soft serve this summer. Here are our picks at Stylist HQ for the eight best soft serve spots to try.

  • Forza Wine, Peckham

    This wine bar goes above and beyond with their soft serve. Located on the sunny rooftop of Peckham’s Bussey Building, Forza Wine is a sophisticated spot to grab a drink, take in the south London views and, of course, grab a delicious soft serve to cool you down. 

    Forza Wine has plenty of unique flavours to try. We recommend the ricotta and pistachio or the lemon curd and meringue. 


  • Towpath, Haggerston

    For a picture-perfect soft serve cone, head to Towpath Cafe in Haggerston. Not only do they make a gorgeous classic soft serve, they also offer the ideal location to enjoy every bite. Situated right on the canal, you’ll be able to stroll along the water as you eat — what could be better?


  • Soft and Swirly + Rambutan, Borough Market

    Led by London soft serve legend Sam Lowry, Soft and Swirly in Borough Market is something of a soft serve staple. This year, they’re teaming up with Sri Lankan restaurant Rambutan to bring you some unique flavours inspired by Sri Lankan cuisine.

    You’ll also find all of the classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate, along with some unforgettable fruity options. 


  • Snog Frozen Yoghurt, Southbank

    Who wouldn’t want to grab their soft serve from a giant pink double decker London bus? Snog on the Southbank offers the ultimate soft serve experience. 

    Choose your frozen yoghurt soft serve then pick from a wide array of toppings. Then, you can enjoy it while strolling along the Southbank, or, you can head to the seriously fabulous technicolour upper deck of the bus.


  • Soft Serve Society, Shoreditch

    Get ready for some of the most beautiful soft serve cones you’ve ever seen. Instagrammers, you will love this soft serve spot in Shoreditch.

    At Soft Serve Society in Boxpark, you’ll find a menu filled with delicious options, such as matcha ice cream with mochi balls or vanilla ice affogato with Oreo. 

    You’ll also find the company’s signature Freakshakes, bubble teas and waffles.


  • Fallow Restaurant, St James Market

    While Fallow Restaurant in St. James Market is best-known as a chic spot to enjoy a tasty meal, they also have several delicious soft serve options on their menu. With flavours like fig leaf, strawberries and cream and raspberry ripple to enjoy in the restaurant or in a cute little takeaway cup, we can bet that you will come back to Fallow for your soft serve fix again and again.


  • Korean Dinner Party, Soho

    The stunning soft serve cones at Korean Dinner Party are almost too pretty to eat. This LA-inspired Korean eatery serves up delicious, Korean-inspired soft serve vanilla ice cream complete with matcha green tea, caramelized cornflakes and a Pocky stick (a Japanese snack food staple) in either in a dish or a cone. This is one soft serve you won’t want to miss.


  • Milk Cafe, Balham

    Grab one of these gorgeous soft serve ice creams from the famous Milk Cafe in Balham. Served in pretty little glass cups and covered in an array of tasty toppings, soft serve fans should definitely be adding Milk Cafe to their list. 


Images: Getty and via Instagram. 

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