80 sex and love questions to help get to know a new partner

In a new relationship, it can feel like there’s so much you don’t yet know about your partner.

What are their hopes and dreams? What was their childhood like? Things that, when shared, strengthen your bond and cement your compatibility as a couple.

It’s also important to talk about matters of the heart, both to ensure you’re on the same page and create an open and shame-free atmosphere.

To help get conversation flowing, we’ve compiled a list of 80 sex and love questions to ask when you’re in the early stages of dating.

While covering everything might feel more like an interrogation than a romantic chat, cherry-picking the questions that are relevant to you can offer a unique insight into your partner’s mind.

Grab a drink or some snacks, turn off the TV, and get to know what makes each other tick – in and out of the bedroom.

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