Erika, 36 and Chris Aldous, 39, knew they wanted to involve their beloved dog on their wedding day last June.

The professional nanny and her partner, a mechanic, from Wivelsfield, East Sussex, kept little Ruby’s role in the ceremony an adorable surprise.

Wearing a huge sunflower and purple lead to match the wedding dress code, Ruby, six, stole the show.

Erika, a mum of one, said: ‘From the off, we knew that Ruby was going to be part of our wedding ceremony.

‘She was the biggest surprise of the wedding to our guests, as only a few people knew we had made her our designated flower girl.

‘She made her big entrance walking down the aisle on her lead with our two Godchildren and I hear she got a lot of gasps and smiles.

‘My favourite part of having her there was after the ceremony when she excitedly came running up to us for pets and attention.

‘She didn’t recognise me in my dress and veil at first.’

The couple had over 185 guests to celebrate their Greatest Showman themed wedding, but even so, Ruby was still the centre of attention.

Chris said: ‘Ruby was super excited to be the guest of honour, and she loved all the attention our guests were giving her.’

From having her silhouette on the wedding cake and her own special seat at the high table, and being allowed to roam around greeting guests, Ruby really made her presence known.

Erika said: ‘At the reception, Ruby was running around like a mad thing, trying to get pets off as many people as possible.

‘We set up a toddler chair for her at the high table, and she even had her own table setting with some dog food and treats.’

Chris added: ‘The caterers and other workers at the reception were obsessed with Ruby, they loved the fact she was just running around the tent having a ball.’

Sadly, Ruby has since passed away, but Erika said the couple treasure the memories they made with her that day.

Erika, who also shares Ruby’s puppy Rosie, three, and dog Dexter, eight, with her husband, said: ‘People should involve their pets on their wedding day – they’re part of the family after all, and it’s going to be a wonderful memory in the future.

‘Ruby may be gone, but we have so many memories of her, and having her at our wedding is something we will cherish forever.’

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