It's been a long, cold winter so far and we're still having to deal with dark days and chilly nights unfortunately.

But luckily for us, supermarket Aldi has come up with the perfect winter warmer – a heated dressing gown.

Yes that's right, if dressing gowns weren't cosy enough, the retailer has now made it even harder to get out of yours in the morning.

The Kirkton House Heated Coat is made out of a soft flannel fleece and has double layer heating, with nine different temperature levels.

It is available both online, and from the infamous ‘middle aisle’ in Aldi stores up and down the country.

A description for the dressing gown on the Aldi website reads: “Fight off the winter chills with this Kirkton House Heated Coat.

“While the weather turns cold outside you can remain warm.

“This soft, cosy and heated coat not only looks great, but is practical too, and all you have to do is wrap it around you, set your ideal temperature and enjoy that warm and cosy feeling.”

It won't break the bank either, as the dressing gown will set you back just £34.99.

The cosy product seems to be going down a storm already with people who have purchased one, with rave reviews appearing online.

A post about the heating dressing gown shared by popular Facebook user Coupon Mama UK has racked up more than 4,000+ excitable comments in less than 24 hours, with some praising the product.

One shopper gushed: “Really pleased with this blanket. I have the grey one and it’s lovely and soft, and heats up quickly too which is what I wanted. Great for home working.”

“These will go like hot cakes,” exclaimed another said.

The product launch comes after Aldi also hit headlines last week for its brutal tweet about Tesco's price match.

Tesco recently introduced a ‘Aldi price match’ to attempt to meet the same prices.

However, Aldi saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a dig at its rival with a savage Mr Incredible Disney meme.

On the left side, a picture of Mr Incredible can be seen looking as dashing as ever which has been labelled ‘Aldi Prices.’

However, on the right side is a snap of a ‘traumatised’ Mr Incredible pictured in black and white which Aldi’s Twitter account labelled ‘Tesco price match’.

This price war is definitely heating up…

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