ALDI’s ‘AISLE OF ALDI’ promotional video

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Aldi is making waves in the beauty industry with their Lacura range; offering affordable products that provide excellent results. Customers of the budget supermarket have been specifically praising the Caviar Illumination Day Cream, with some claiming it reduces the appearance of wrinkles in a matter of weeks. 

Aldi’s Caviar Illumination Day Cream is a huge hit with shoppers and it is said to help defy one’s age. 

The product is “light in texture and full of luxurious ingredients”, and the supermarket claims it “keeps on working throughout the day long after” it has been applied. 

It not only includes SPF but also caviar extract, which is one of the “two very special and powerful active ingredients – caviar extract and snow algae”. 

These ingredients are “rich with protein, vitamins and minerals that are great for those who want to combat signs of ageing, moisture loss and provide a smooth and bright appearance”. 

Caviar “helps moisturise your skin throughout the day,” whilst “snow algae promotes collagen production in the skin”. 

“By using these products daily, your skin will become smoother, creating a perfect base for any foundation,” Aldi claim. 

As for who the product is aimed ad, “Lacura Caviar Illumination is a luxurious lifting and firming skincare range for women 40+,” the product description reads but it is also “a must for any skin-conscious beauty lover”. 

The face cream is priced at £6.99 and is available in a 50ml tub. 

It has nearly been given a solid five-star rating online, with over 680 reviews being submitted. 

Due to its popularity, the cream is sold out online, and customers claim it is rarely sold in stores. 

As for what customers thought, hundreds shared their experiences of using the cream. 

Valkhaki commented: “This cream is amazing the deeper lines I have on my forehead have faded right down you can hardly see them now.” 

Michelle called it “wonder cream” and explained: “Best cream Ever! magic in a pot, smooths lines and perfects face.” 

Deb remarked: “Absolutely fabulous! I’ve been using Aldi face creams for years, and this one for over a year. I never have breakouts, oily skin or other problems. In fact, I’m often mistaken for being 40 when I’m 50. It wasn’t available in store for weeks so I bought two online and they arrived super quick. I love it, love it, love it.” 

Shelley revealed how using the cream has changed her skin: “This cream has enhanced how I live my life. I am in my early fifties and my skin had started to show all the classic signs of the ageing process.

“My complexion was dull. I had enlarged pores. There were blotches of redness in particular areas of my face. 

“I paid for facials, Botox, and fillers, which helped but did not give me the glow of healthy skin. This was down to Lacura Caviar. 

“After three weeks of daily use I was starting to get compliments about my dewy skin and how healthy it looked. I explained it was down to the miracle skincare range of products I had bought at Aldi.

“I now have a great lacura cleansing and moisturising programme that takes minutes to complete and gives long lasting effects. I would recommend to everyone.”

Zeebeving gave an honest review: “It’s the first time I’ve used this product, and I really like it. I’m an oldie, and my skin tends to be quite dry with some deep wrinkles. 

“Now – no product will magically remove my wrinkles, but this one really does soften them, making them slightly less noticeable. I leave it for several minutes to absorb, and it gives a nice glow to my skin. I’m also pleased that this cream has sun protection (SPF15). 

“It’s a fairly rich cream, which wouldn’t suit everyone; but it works for me.”

Lacura’s Caviar Illumination Day Cream is just one of many products in Aldi’s Caviar Cream range. 

The “award-winning has been offering our customers since it launched in 2015”. 

“The range now offers many more luxurious beauty treatments for a fraction of the price of premium brands,” Aldi’s website reads. 

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