Neighbour sparks debate after sharing a note they found on their car’s windscreen from a parent of a ‘destructive’ child with ADHD: ‘It just sounds lazy’

  • A parent has caused a stir after for their ‘infuriating’ note to their neighbour
  • An Australian apartment resident found a note left on their car’s windscreen 
  • It was from a neighbour who advised them not to park in a particular spot 
  • The mum said their son, who has ADHD, could damage cars by throwing rocks 
  • She said anyone who parks there should ‘accept’ any damage her son causes
  • The note was shared online with thousands slamming the mum for being ‘lazy’ 

A parent’s handwritten note left on their neighbour’s car windscreen has sparked a lively debate online. 

Posting to Reddit an Australian resident shared a message left on her car from a parent warning her not to park her car in a particular spot as her son who has ADHD and autism could damage it. 

The mum said her son often draws on cars with markers and throws rocks of their apartment balcony and that she could ‘only pre-empt so much’ so anyone parked out the front of their home should ‘accept’ their vehicle could be damaged. 

A parent has been slammed online for leaving a note to their neighbour telling them not to park in front of their house or ‘accept’ damage done to their car by her ‘destructive’ ADHD son

In the message, the parent described their son as ‘impulsive and destructive’ and said he has caused damage to cars since moving into the complex. 

‘He has drawn on my car with texta, thrown a few rocks across the front of complex and if a car was parked where this one is it would (have) smashed a window,’ the message read adding the child has thrown ‘numerous items’ from their balcony.  

‘I know that I have been very vocal about cars parking out the front here and this is a huge factor. I, as a parent of a ADHD/ASD child, I can only pre-empt so much. Please only park here if you’re willing to accept damage to your car.’

Thousands in the comments were outraged by the ‘infuriating’ note with many criticising the ‘lazy’ parent saying they would still be liable for any damage caused to residents’ cars.

An Australian apartment dweller found the note on his windscreen which said the child had drawn on cars and thrown things from the balcony since moving in

‘Doesn’t matter if they feel like they’ve done everything they can, they’re still on the hook for damages, even if a kid destroys something by accident. They’re not exempt because he’s ADHD and autistic,’ one person wrote

‘How does that absolve you of your parenting duties? You’re the adult, you’re supposed to be in charge. Control your weird kids, don’t write bulls*** notes and think it’s all good,’ a second responded. 

‘Parent here to an unstoppable force of a kid. It’s preventable. Most things are. Lazy parents are the problem,’ a third commented.


Is the mum in the wrong?

Is the mum in the wrong?

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However some were sympathetic towards the mum.

‘Some days it would be easier to have a kid with any other disorder that people understand. Any solution that starts off with ‘If the parents just…’ is just coming from people who haven’t lived it,’ one woman retaliated.

‘Yes, there are s****y parents, which just makes it harder for people to recognise when there are true neurological issues at play,’ she continued. 

The neighbour responded to the backlash saying he spoke to the woman and the pair had a ‘decent chat for about 10 minutes’. 

‘I could see they weren’t just projecting their problems onto us, and are genuinely trying to help their child. Context can be hard to read through paper,’ he explained. 

‘We are all parents trying to do our best, and clear and effective communication is the best tool we have.’

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