Getting your own place with your partner is an exciting milestone for many couples.

But the joy that comes with picking out new paint colours and finding a new local is apparently not the bonding experience you might think.

In fact, you might want to hold off unpacking those boxes, as it turns out that moving in together is a common reason for couples to drift apart.

New research shows that one in five couples split due to moving house, with the stress causing a permanent relationship breakdown for 17% of Brits.

What’s more, even for couples who didn’t split up, the moving process certainly isn’t smooth sailing.

About 70% of couples argued with their partner while moving, and almost one in ten admitted they didn’t speak to their partner for an entire day after moving in. Yikes.

Nearly a third of couples also said the house move had a detrimental impact on their sex lives with 20% of those blaming the move for lowered libido.

So, if your keen to ensure your house move doesn’t affect your love life, the survey of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by AnyVan, also revealed the most common ‘moving icks’ that you might want to avoid.

More than a quarter of respondents got the ‘moving ick’ while shifting from one home, with disorganisation claiming the top spot.

We also don’t like it when we hear our S.O change their voice when speaking to the removal team.

Trying to carry too much at once also made the top five icks, as did dropping an item of furniture. Dropping a moving box was also a notable pet peeve – watching your partner scurry around after items rolling around on the floor doesn’t exactly scream ‘sexy’.

Some more verbal icks were yelling ‘PIVOT’ a la Ross Gellar, or saying ‘home sweet home’ when walking through the door of the new home for the first time. Ew.

Last on the list was passing up on the help of the removal team, to carry an item themselves. Just accept help.

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