Shedding that puppy fat! Owners share their amazing pet weight loss transformation photos – including a cat who lost 20lb

  • People from around the globe have shared photos of formerly overweight pets
  • Bored Panda curated gallery, which features canine and feline weight loss snaps
  • The adorable images show off how porky animals were transformed by diet

It’s not just humans who can pack on a few extra pounds – pets can gain weight if their diet isn’t looked after properly.

This adorable Bored Panda gallery of photos from around the world shows off some truly paw-some pet transformations after animals were put on diets by their owners.

There’s Buddy the dog who lost almost a third of his body weight, and Barsik the moggy who went from 41lbs To 27lbs.

One pooch was even facing euthanasia due to health conditions – but his owners managed to turn his life around by helping him shed the excess fat.    

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the most dramatic pet weight loss success photos: 

According to Tilly’s human, it took a new feeding schedule and proper portion control to get this moggie to a healthy weight. It was one of the amazing pet weight loss snaps shared online

This poor pooch was facing so many health issues as a result of being overweight that he was almost euthanised. Instead, his owners helped him shed the pounds, and he’s now living a healthier life

Looking fur-bulous! From larger lady to slim kitty, this moggy is living her best life after ditching some excess weight

Rescued from a torturous life in a puppy mill, this dog is now spayed and at a healthy weight, living a new life with her human companion

In this picture on the right, adorable pooch Belle is only a couple of months into her weight-loss regime, but is already looking more sprightly

Jazzy celebrated her tenth birthday by showing off a new slim physique, going from 115lbs to 81lbs. After losing weight, the hound can run and jump again

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What a difference a year makes! This handsome cat lost around five pounds over the course of a year – making a huge difference to the way she looks

Fat cats! It’s taken a staggering three years for this previously weighty feline to ditch the weight, but it was a successful mission

Avalanche the service dog had got a little chunky, but with a bit of effort on his owner’s part, he managed to get himself back down to a healthy weight

This moggy has undergone some serious paw-tion control to go from rotund to svelte, and is now looking healthy and nimble

Buddy the dog has achieved major fat loss success – going from around 20kg to 13kg – meaning he’s dropped an impressive third of his weight

Aptly named ‘Skinny the Cat’, this mog has lost a staggering 10kg in total

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