American baffled by British humour – including brutal nan insult

An American was left in stitches after discovering a 'horrible' insult commonly used by Brits – and was 'confused' by what it meant.

Despite sharing the same language, our mates across the pond have an entirely different sense of humour.

Banter and sarcasm might not land too well with Americans and fart jokes will probably struggle to get a chuckle off Brits.

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But Mark Hart, who married Brit Millie, struggled to come to terms with the more cynical jokes that his wife packed with her on her move to the US.

In a TikTok clip that racked up millions of views, the American admitted he was confused why 'nans' are brought up when trying to insult another.

The secondary school 'back of the bus' type jibe certainly got Mark in a spot of bother.

"As an American, I do not understand why when you're having argument or a 'row' as the Brits like to call it, why you dig up people's nans? "he questioned.

"Why is that an insult? I don't get it. Who does that?"

Millie then chimed in and chuckled: "So we can take her gold to Cash Converter. We are f***ing horrible."

"But how is that an insult?" Mark said while still absolutely baffled.

"What if she's in an urn?"

Savagely, Millie responded: "Then we will sniff her."

As Millie giggled in the background, Mark remained as puzzled as ever.

"And the argument is supposed to continue after this? How?

"I'm so confused but find it so funny."

Family based comedic insults are a common place in Brits' bank of slurs, as many people fled to the comments to reveal their own additions.

One person mocked: "'Your dad sells Avon' always a classic.


Another user added: "'Your mum shops at Aldi' was a massiveeee hit back a day, hit me deep a few times that one."

While a third explained: "Everyone dead or alive gets brought into arguments."

However, not all Brits were familiar with the relative inspired humour.

This user said: "I'm from West Midlands too and I've never heard 'dig up your Nan' as an insult before."

And, a second admitted: "As a Brit I can say I have never used that phrase."

Someone else said: "It’s definitely regional."


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