An American living in the UK has been left confused as to why British people call pubs ‘curse’ words – and wonder why we all don’t get offended by the names.

Despite our shared language, the thousands of miles setting us apart from across the pond really are quite apparent.

Different names for football and nappies are among the least of the culture shocking features between the two nations.

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But for this US expat calling the UK home for now has been left confused why pubs have some peculiar names.

Going to the pub is a part of British culture, so the American was not sure why the Brits are so rude about their beloved boozy establishments.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up thousands of views, the US citizen asked their 100,000 followers what the deal was with rudely named pubs.

“Why do British people call pubs curse words, do people not get offended, it's so offensive and rude?” they questioned.

In the video, they panned to a pub in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, with the classic name ‘The Cock’ to show an example of their confusion over the ‘rude’ name.

The dirty-minded American assumed that the name was referencing the intimate area of a man.

However, what they did not realise that a cock is in fact a male bird – not just slang for a penis.

Brits were quick to jump to the comments to put the American out of their misery.

One person mocked: “Speak to a male chicken mate.”

Another user added: “It's actually a name of an animal.”

A third voiced: “Also that word means short for male chicken in the UK.”

Someone else said: “Would u rather it was called ‘the male chicken’.”


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