With its affordable booze, lairy carpets and quirky punters, Wetherspoons is a British institution.

So much so that MAFS star Jessika Power put “cocktails in Spoons” on her bucket list after moving to the UK.

And it turns out the reality TV regular isn’t the only tourist to be wowed by the pub giant.

On Tripadvisor, Americans have been raving about Tim Martin’s boozers.

MyLondon trawled the site to find some of the best reviews of Wetherspoons in London by people visiting from the USA.

The posts are pretty hilarious – especially as the pub chain has been branded “posh and trendy” by some. Have a read below.

Not a fan of football

One said: "You find a table if you can and squat and note your table number, and go order food and drink at the bar. We had a party of about fifteen and this system worked quite well on the front end of our cruise.

"Later, after our cruise, not so much, because the World Cup was going on and you couldn't even get close to getting into the place. The English LOVE their futbol!

"But a nice experience overall. Americans need to learn to go with the flow when travelling and not be so uptight about expectations."

'Posh and trendy'

One said: "This is a wonderful place! The food is delicious, the drinks cold, and the staff friendly! It is posh and trendy and so well maintained. We were there for breakfast and staff were shining the brass on the doors and railings.

"Every waiter/waitress went out of their way to attend to whoever they were waiting on. The manager was there both times we were and was on the job, helping staff and making sure people were taken care of.

"The USA needs The Crosse Keys"

The ketchup hunter

"Good chili dog and chips. Service was excellent but wasn’t very fast. Had to hunt down my own ketchup (is this only an American problem?)."

A 'vanilla' experience

"Wetherspoons is about as vanilla as a pub can be. When turning up on a Saturday night, I was not surprised to find the place packed. Finding a table was next to impossible, and when we did find one, it was filthy.

"We never saw a single person cleaning tables anywhere in the establishment in the almost 2 hours we were there. I would suggest getting the Wetherspoons app and using that to order.

"As an American, I was too polite at the bar and people just jumped up in front of me so it took quite a while to get an order placed. Prices are very good for London, but don't expect five star food or service."

Bar confusion

"It took us a minute to figure out how to order, as Americans we are used to servers coming to table. Once we were told to order at the bar all went well. Friendly people even during a busy period.

"Great spot to eat a good meal with many beers on tap. This is a laid back pub about a block south of Tower Bridge. We went on a Monday afternoon/evening at about 7pm and it was quiet, mostly couples eating. The drinks were good. The food menu was interesting.

"A fusion of everything. There is "British chili con carne" on the menu. Steak and kidney pie is facing it off against burritos, curry, and naan.

"No sushi, but a wide array of burgers, most of an American theme (i.e., Tennessee Burger)."

The British Applebee's

"We ate here our first night is London as it was across the street from our apartment. A comparable restaurant in America would be TGIFridays, or Applebee's. Bar staff was quick to take our order, and food arrived not long after.

"The food was good, but in comparison to other places we ate, it was not the best. It was fairly crowded when we ate there, and we walked by numerous other times during our stay and it always seemed busy. Generally a good sign for any restaurant. Advice.

"We arrived and waited a moment to be seated, then sat ourselves. Waited to be served, then we went to the bar. Apparently, that it the right thing to do. Fortunately, I noted the number on the table before I ordered. Or you can use their app."

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