And Just Like That Season 2 Teaser Confirms June Premiere, Previews Aidans Return

HBO Max has dropped the Season 2 teaser for “And Just Like That,” its successful revival of “Sex and the City.” The company also announced the show will premiere in June, without announcing the specific date yet — at that point, the streamer will simply be known as Max.

The teaser, narrated by Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), begins with a very “Sex and the City” sentiment: “No matter what life hands you, you can always count on your closest friends to be there.” We then see a montage of scenes that reveal the current relationships of Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Che (Sara Ramírez) and Carrie and her podcast producer, Franklin (Ivan Hernandez). “It’s just sex!” Carrie says.

“And just like that,” Carrie continues, “I realized some things are better left in the past. But maybe… not everything.”

Which is when we see Carrie’s ex-boyfriend Aidan (John Corbett) appear on her stoop.

In the show’s first season, overseen by executive producer Michael Patrick King, the worlds of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) expanded when new characters played by Nicole Ari Parker, Sarita Choudhury, Karen Pittman and Ramírez were added to the ensemble. In an interview last spring for Variety‘s Showrunners Sitdown video series, King said one of his goals for the second season was to make the new cast members part of the larger friend group.

When we last saw the group, Carrie had launched a new podcast (called “Sex and the City”) and seemed to be embarking on a new romance with Franklin, though Corbett’s addition to the second season will throw a wrench into that. Charlotte was still happily married to Harry (Evan Handler) but was coming to terms with challenges from her teenaged children. And Miranda had ditched her marriage (as well as a prestigious internship) in order go to Los Angeles with her lover, the comedian Che Diaz.

In the show’s finale, Carrie also made up with Samantha (Kim Cattrall) after the two estranged friends had texted all season. Samantha wasn’t seen onscreen, since Cattrall didn’t participate in “And Just Like That,” but after spreading the ashes of the late Mr. Big (Chris Noth) off their bridge in Paris, Carrie sent Samantha a message, and the two friends made a plan to see one another.

The reaction to Season 1 of “And Just Like That” was divided, with some die-hard “Sex and the City” fans wholly enjoying its resurrection, while others slammed it: The character of Che especially bore the weight of fan criticism, which Ramírez addressed in a cover story for Variety‘s Pride issue last year.

“Other people’s opinions of a character — that’s not something I can allow into my process,” they said in an interview last spring. “I choose what I receive, right? That’s the beauty of being grown — I don’t have to receive everything!”

Meanwhile, after its December 2021 premiere, “And Just Like That” was the most successful Max original series since its launch.

In addition to King, “And Just Like That” is also executive produced by John Melfi, Julie Rottenberg, Elisa Zuritsky, Parker, Davis and Nixon. Its writers include King, Samantha Irby, Susan Fales-Hill, Lucas Froehlich, Rachel Palmer, Rottenberg and Zuritsky. Directors included King, Nixon, Ry Russo-Young and Rottenberg. The original series “Sex and the City” was created by Darren Star, which was based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell.

HBO Max also released new images from Season 2.

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