Enough to land them straight on Santa’s naughty list! Cringeworthy Christmas cards show families posing for bizarre snaps in wacky outfits – while others dare to bare in NUDE shoots

  • A round-up of the most awkward family Christmas cards has proven that not all holiday photos deserve a spot on the mantel 
  • Portraits can quickly go from heartwarming to cringeworthy thanks to embarrassing poses and hideous matching outfits 
  • The worst offenders feature everything from nudity to inappropriate props 

‘Tis the season for sending out Christmas cards, but some families have proven that not all holiday photos deserve a spot above the mantel — and for good reason. 

Portraits can quickly go from heartwarming to cringeworthy thanks to embarrassing poses and hideous matching outfits, though they tend to make for a good laugh.

However, the worst offenders feature everything from nudity to inappropriate props, making it clear that some Christmas card ideas should never be executed. 

In celebration of the holiday season, FEMAIL has rounded up the incredibly awkward and downright bizarre family Christmas cards that beg the question: ‘What were they thinking?’

One family modeled towels for their cringeworthy holiday photo – but they made it festive. The mother and daughter were covered in red, while the dad and son showed off their chests in green towels that were wrapped around their waists 

Another couple and their two sons opted to cover their nether regions with nothing but leaves. The mom also wore a coconut bra, and they topped off their holiday look with Santa hats. The snapshot appeared to have been taken during a tropical vacation, though that doesn’t excuse the bizarre outfit choice 

Indecent exposure appears to be theme of this family’s Christmas card, which shows them artfully covering their nude bodies with wrapped presents while they posed in front of their decorated tree 

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This over-the-top family skipped the nudity, but they placed themselves inside wrapped boxes and became presents themselves. Some of them added Santa hats while the others had bows in their hair 

There is nothing strange about a mother and her children posing for a photo in their pajamas in front of the fireplace – until you spot her nude husband sprawled out behind them 

One family decided that nothing says Christmas like a severed head at the dinner table.  Instead of a roast, the patriarch was served up on a platter – with an apple in his mouth – while his daughter pretended to slice into his scalp 

These children’s parents undoubtedly had a few questions for this Santa Claus who showed up for work sporting a painful-looking black eye – but that didn’t stop them from releasing the photo 

Is anything more cringe than a grown man modeling a diaper? The family seemed to be going for an angel and cherub theme, but only their adorable baby could pull off the outfit 

Ugly Christmas sweaters make for great family photos, but these parents went a step too far when they started swapping spit in front of their children – who were clearly disgusted 

There may be Christmas lights in the background, but its hard to get over the fact that this family is awkwardly posing inside a hot tub together 

Cute or creepy? This family went all out for their ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’- themed photo shoot, and while they get an ‘A’ for effort, it might be a little too much to handle 

There is nothing amiss about this family Christmas photo at first glance – until you notice the embarrassing wet spot at the son’s crotch 

One dad opted to pose in front of the Christmas tree with a toilet bowl plunger while his children happily licked their Ring Pops. It feels like there has to be a story behind this picture…

It’s unclear what exactly is going on this woman who is partially dressed as Santa Claus and holding a baby monkey wearing a dress 

There is nothing strange about having your children take a photo in front of the Christmas tree, unless your son is wearing sunglasses and a windbreaker and your daughter is dressed as a bride – bouquet and all 

A mom and her daughters modeled ‘Ho’ shirts in front of their tree while her husband had on a matching tee that said ‘Chillin’ with my ho’s.’ Not only is the shirt cringe, but it is also grammatically incorrect 

Mom and dad might have been a little too proud that their children were on the swim team. While they were all dressed up, they had there kids wear there swimsuits. Their son – who had on a speedo – was put front and center 

Another family tried to become a human Christmas tree for their family photo. They all wore green tops and had gold garland and red bells hanging from their bodies. The miserable look on the couple’s youngest daughter’s face says she knew this was a bad idea 

These parents don’t seem to be fully smiling in this family photo, but that might be because their son is sporting a black eye right before the holiday  

Hot tub photos are almost always a bad idea, but this family made things even more awkward by posing with glasses of wine and making it look like they were all naked 

This family wrapped themselves in green tarp and covered themselves with garland as they gave their best impression of a Christmas tree. Despite their best intentions, the photo just doesn’t work 

These parents had their children wear white shirts and denim while posing inside silver-wrapped boxes. The photo appears to also be a pregnancy announcement. The dad has his hand on his wife’s stomach, and the box in front of them has a question mark on it 

This family’s Christmas card may be a little too real… While they are all dressed up in holiday sweaters and plaid, they look miserable. There is also a bottle of booze on the table, and the dad appears to be drinking a beer in the background 

Naughty, not nice! This couple should have thought twice before having their children pose with cigarettes in their mouths 

These pals must have been dreaming of a goth Christmas when they posed for Santa wearing over-the-top makeup and black leather. One of them even had a chain leash around his neck 

Matching pajamas are almost always a cute idea, but a photo can go terribly wrong when dad doesn’t participate and opts to go shirtless instead 

It’s hard to describe this painfully strange holiday photo, which includes a man wearing a little girl’s Disney princess onesie

It’s unclear what was going through this couple’s mind when they struck this awkward pose behind their unsuspecting daughter 

These pals definitely thought they were being cute when they piled on top of each other to take a photo in front of their Christmas tree 

This family’s matching holiday sweaters make their Christmas card look like an optical illusion that will give you a headache 

Another family dressed in black sweatshirts and jeans before wrapping themselves in Christmas lights. They each held up red ornaments and the top of the ‘tree’ wore a star on her head. Their dogs, who had red bows around their necks, had the best outfits by far 

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