Ariana Madix explodes at Raquel Leviss at ‘Pump Rules’ reunion: ‘F–k yourself’ with a ‘cheese grater’

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Ariana Madix lobs a slew of f-bombs and insults at Raquel Leviss during their first on-camera confrontation after the latter’s months-long affair with Tom Sandoval was revealed.

“F—k yourself with a f—king cheese grater. F—k you. You f—king suck,” Madix shouts at Leviss in a preview clip of the final “Vanderpump Rules” reunion episode, which airs Wednesday night.

Madix, 37, adds, “You’re disgusting, and I wish nothing but the worst f—king shit that could ever happen to a person on you.”

Sandoval, who has been in the hot seat for cheating on Madix with her former best friend, tries to justify his actions to his castmates by saying that he doesn’t live his life by “logic.”

The musician’s comment sends Madix reeling with uncontrollable laughter.

“I can’t. I can’t. It’s such a joke,” she says.

Sandoval, 40, then clarifies that that was no logic because his and 28-year-old Leviss’ “feelings took over.”

The reunion’s host, Andy Cohen, teased the highly anticipated conclusion on Wednesday morning, claiming that Sandoval will “upset every woman in America” during the episode.

Producer Alex Baskin has also been teasing a major twist in the final episode, with many believing it involves the timeline of Leviss and Sandoval’s affair.

The drama has been nonstop on the three-part reunion as Sandoval sought to defend himself amongst his castmates while Leviss — who was separated due to a restraining order she had at the time of filming against Scheana Shay — watched it all unfold from a trailer at least 100 yards away.

During the first reunion episode, Madix unveiled the first texts between her and Leviss after the discovery.

“It took her 48 whole hours to text me, ‘I don’t even know what to say. I’m just, I’m sorry,’” Madix told the Bravo host during a one-on-one chat.

“And I said, ‘F–k off you f–king rat,’” she said. “And I blocked her.”

In the same episode, Shay alleged that Sandoval told Leviss that he and Madix were not exclusive in April 2022, which began to gain Leviss some sympathy from fans before Madix shut it down.

At one point during the second reunion episode, the TomTom owner lashed out at his ex-girlfriend, calling Madix a “motherf—ker” during a heated argument.

Replying to a comment on Instagram suggesting Leviss might have also been manipulated by Sandoval, Madix wrote, “just to clarify — she didn’t BELIEVE that.”

“She told someone that he told her that. There are missing major chunks here which is totally understandable. They can’t fit every piece of context into the show.”

Madix discovered on March 1 that her boyfriend of almost a decade had been unfaithful after finding a sexually explicit video of Leviss on his phone. The Bravolebrity broke off their relationship following the discovery.

Since the news broke, Sandoval has been taking advantage of the spotlight by going on tour with his band, The Most Extras. Despite excessive media coverage surrounding his name, the reality star’s band had to offer 2-for-1 ticket deals to fill seats.

Leviss took a break from the media buzz not long after the scandal broke and checked herself into a mental health facility.

In a one-on-one interview with Cohen, Leviss told him that her future with “VPR” is “in question.”

However, Madix has since gone on a scathing press tour in New York City and used the break up to gain some income doing ad work amid all of the buzz.

Last month, the reality star staged a fake move from the house she and Sandoval still reportedly live in together as a means to make a quick buck with advertisers.

Madix has been seeing personal trainer Daniel Wai and the two have been spotted on multiple PDA-filled dates since early April.

Wednesday’s episode airs live at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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