Asda and Aldi rename popular aisles – but shoppers are left disgusted

Changes are happening in Asda and Aldi stores right now.

Following in the footsteps of Boots, the two chains have decided to rename some of their important aisles.

The two companies announced the news to shoppers – and many weren't so sure of it.

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While some people love the new name, others were "disgusted" by the rebrand, reports Manchester Evening News.

Meanwhile a few customers were raging that the name is being changed before period poverty is properly addressed in the UK.

It comes as Aldi updated signage for items like tampons, towels and panty liners to "period products", rather than "feminine hygiene".

The aisle name will be welcomed by campaigners as "hygiene" adds to the negative stigma which surrounds menstruating.

And since the news got out, many had a lot to say about it on social media.

One person on Facebook wrote: "Omfg. Stop the world, I want to get off!

"This is absolutely ridiculous over the top virtue signalling. Sick of it."

Another added: "In all honesty what is wrong with naming an aisle 'Feminine hygiene'…

"After all that's exactly what the generic products are! & not all products are just for periods!"

A third continued: "But they are feminine hygiene products for God sake… I honestly hate this world we live in now."

And a fourth wrote: "As long as we can buy them off the shelves who cares.

"Gone are the days thankfully when you had to go to the chemist and whisper to the assistant that you wanted sanitary products."

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