Astrologer shares ‘happiest’ zodiac sign plus another ‘prone to mood swings’

In western astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, all with different personality traits and characteristics.

According to Louella Alderson, keen astrologer and co-founder of personality-based dating app So Syncd, some zodiac signs are more naturally happy than others.

According to the astrologer, Sagittarius is “one of the most positive and optimistic” signs of the zodiac, coming in at number one “happiest”.

They “rarely let anything bring them down”, and can always find the best thing about a bad situation.

Sagittarius is “outgoing” by nature, so tends to find joy in even the smallest things like going for walks.

This sign is also extremely social, soaking up moments with friends and family whenever they can as it brings them so much joy.

But they can also find light in “small moments”, such as a nice cup of coffee or a good book.

Sagittarius also loves a challenge, so doesn’t get too overwhelmed by the obstacles they face.

According to the astrologer, Scorpio is a far cry from this and is actually the “unhappiest” sign, prone to “mood swings and intense outbursts”.

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While this sign is certainly “passionate” and therefore can appreciate life’s pleasures, they can also “become overwhelmed with their emotions leading them to feel isolated and unable to cope”.

Scorpio is also a perfectionist and tends to struggle with their “insecurities” more than others. This is something they can get down about.

The astrologer advised Scorpio to find happiness in “taking a step back, relaxing and focusing on the positive things in their life”. 

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Happiest to unhappiest zodiac signs ranked

  1. Sagittarius

  2. Gemini

  3. Libra

  4. Leo

  5. Aries

  6. Pisces

  7. Taurus

  8. Virgo

  9. Cancer

  10. Capricorn

  11. Aquarius 

  12. Scorpio

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