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Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are over, Page Six has learned.

Just five months after the former NFL star proposed to “The Bachelorette” in a whirlwind romance that “blew up” the franchise, a source exclusively told us the former couple are “done” and broke up “last week.”

“There’s a whole bunch of problems between them,” the source said. “I don’t know what the specific breaking point was, but she wants him to move to Sacramento and he’s not crazy about that. She wants kids right away, he doesn’t.”

Bachelor Nation began to speculate that there was trouble in paradise when the former pair began sharing cryptic posts on Instagram.

Crawley, 39, posted a photo of her holding her ailing mother’s hand on Instagram, and wrote, “She has good days and bad, Just like we all do. Well today I couldn’t hide my hard day. A mother always knows. Without saying a word, she reached in her pocket and pulled out this tissue and just squeezed my hand.”

Meanwhile, Moss, 32, leaned on his spirituality, sharing a page from a book about faith.

“God’s plan is bigger than we can imagine,” he captioned it, adding the quote, “There are days when I, too, want to see the nail holes and hear his voice of quiet assurance. There are those days when I just seem to need a little more visible proof to go with the usual dose of faith.”

A Bachelor Nation fan account also shared a post from Moss’ cousin that provided some insight into what may have torn the couple apart.

According to @bacheloring, Moss’s cousin unfollowed Crawley on Instagram, and wrote in his Stories, “We know the truth! Now unfollow us in real life.”

Up until this week, Moss and Crawley appeared very much in love. They spent the holidays together and were spotted showing off their PDA during shopping trips and romantic strolls in New York City.

Moss, an aspiring host, recently revealed that he “turned down” appearing on “The Bachelorette” several times, but said “the only reason I committed to it was because Clare was announced [as the] Bachelorette at that time.”

However, soon after their speedy proposal, — which host Chris Harrison said “blew up ‘The Bachelorette’”, and producers had to bring in Tayshia Adams as a replacement — rumors began circulating that Moss only went on the show for the fame.

Media insider Delaina Dixon shared on Rob Shutter’s “Naughty But Nice” podcast that Moss was aggressively pursuing fame as a TV personality long before he went on the ABC dating show.

In November, Crawley said in response to the negativity surrounding her and her relationship, “I will always do my best to rise above the negativity and find the positive, but I am not superhuman. So when you choose to pass judgments without knowing someone personally or even something as small as a snide comment, please remember just like you, I am simply trying my best.”

The reality star’s most recent pic with Moss was shared last weekend from a vacation home in La Jolla, California, and she captioned it, “Let’s never leave.”

A rep for ABC did not immediately return our request for comment.

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