Optical illusions are made to baffle the brain.

In some cases you might find yourself noticing different detail in a photo to your mate, and that's okay.

The truth is with illusions, they can deceive the eye and appear different to what they really are.

Now with this latest photo it could leave you scratching your head for hours or even days.

Posting on US website Kids Environment Kids Health, an image of a man is stumping the internet.

On the caption, it said: "Do you see on man in this picture… or several people?"

So do you think you can figure out what's going on? Don't forget to let us know how you got on in the comments below…

And if you're really struggling for help, the website has provided further assistance.

The photo's caption added: "If you look carefully, you'll find 9 different faces in the picture; the 9th belongs to a dog."

You can find quite a few faces knocking about on the man's head so that should help you solve it.

Looking for more optical illusions?

Previously, a mind-boggling optical illusion will make you see fuzzy dots when you move in closer.

It shows a square with black and white scribbles with a circle in the middle displaying the two shades.

But the shape in the middle looks a little fuzzier than the colours surrounding it.

On another occasion, an illusion of a same-sized car leaves viewers baffled and calling it a "lie".

  • Reddit users baffled by optical illusion of mural that 'disintegrates the brain'

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Explaining the image, TikTok user says the car furthest up the road appears larger to almost everybody who looks at the image.

"Well what would you say if I told you the cars were all exactly the same size?" he asked.

"Because we all assume the one at the top of the hill is further away your brain artificially enlarges it."

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