Balding man gets fringe tattoo to cover receding hairline – and cries at result

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    A balding man trying to restore his receding hairline was left mortified after getting a permanent fringe tattoo.

    Gianluca, 26, from Italy, thought it's a good idea to cover his thinned-out hairline without spending a fortune on hair transplant or hair system.

    So he went to tattoo artist, Maria Gina Altobelli, to get him an inking on his forehead and unsurprisingly, the results are shockingly bad.

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    In the video Maria posted on social media, she made a few markings on Gianluca's forehead and did a stencil to visualise the fringe pattern that he requested.

    Then she used the machine to ink the hairline in strokes.

    When Gianluca saw the results for the first time in the mirror, he burst into tears.

    Her video caption read: "My client has always dreamed of having bangs and I granted his wish."

    Maria said: "Obviously, I was sceptical when he asked me for that tattoo, but in the end, I'm very happy with the work


    "It took us an hour to do it because I've been tattooing for six years now, so I'm very fast.

    "I didn't expect all this virality of the video."

    The video racked up 27.8 million views on TikTok, where viewers were shocked and left in hysterics by the unusual solution to a common problem.

    One TikToker commented, saying: "I hope this is a joke!"

    "I didn't trust the process and I was right," a person shared and third believed Gianluca was crying because 'he knew he had made a terrible mistake'.

    "He's going home to Google laser tattoo removals," a fourth joked.

    Some refused to believe it and said it could be a joke, adding that Gianluca was trying to hide his laugh rather than crying when he saw himself in the mirror.


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