When we think of strip clubs, many of us picture glamorous women being showered with cash as they twirl around poles.

But the reality of working as an exotic dancer can be a lot tougher.

Rain World joined the industry during the cost of living crisis but can still struggle to make ends meet.

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The 20-something, from Glasgow, has to pay a "house fee" to even perform at venues.

You start each evening in the red, before attempting to drum up enough cash from punters to make a profit.

Base pay isn't there so Rain once made minus £70 after a slow night in the club.

She told Daily Star: "A house fee is a fee you pay the club for the opportunity to work that night, and you keep everything you make over that amount.

"They usually range between £20-£150, but I've heard of people paying around £500 in some clubs on particularly busy nights.

"Clubs can also charge commission, so they take a percentage of every dance you do, and almost all the VIP rooms have a commission fee. It's usually between 30-50%.

"A lot of clubs in London expect you to tip the staff on top of these fees. The most I've ever paid in house fee is £200. Including VIP fee's I've definitely paid more!

"So in some clubs you have to pay the house fee up front and in a recent TikTok I made when I was working in London, I paid a £90 house fee and only did one £20 dance at the beginning of the night, so I left with -£70.

"That was the worst money loss I've had so far…

"I've never lost money to the club like this before and honestly, it was a huge ego shaker and I cried like a baby the whole way home."

During the cost of living crisis, it's even trickier to earn a decent income.

Rain told Daily Star: "Stripping is an expensive experience and very much a luxury, so its one of the first expenses people cut back on.

"I noticed when the increase in energy bills was announced the clubs got a little quiet and the customers became more difficult to sell to.

"Then the Queen passed away and people forgot for a few weeks and the club picked up!

"Valentine's Day is traditionally terrible in the club! But generally February has been going better than January.

"January being slow in the clubs is due to a few factors.

"December is very busy for all night life industries but people tend to overspend and run out of money by January, especially for luxuries.

"People can also get paid their January salary early so by the end of the month business really tails off!

"The pay still averages to over minimum wage, even if you get some zero nights here and there."

Rain has attracted a fanbase of 10,000 followers by speaking honestly about her stripper experiences on TikTok.

She said: "Sometimes I'll edit my TikToks, or usually I'll have a bunch of tasks I've putting off and I can get through them while I wait for the customers.

"I hate wasting my time so I'll get as much out of quiet nights as I can. It can be great to practice pole with other dancers, we teach each other new moves!"


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