Belly dance teacher, 61, reveals she has appeared on 15 TV game shows

Quiz fan, 61, who’s won £25,000 by appearing on 15 TV game shows including The Chase and Mastermind says wannabe contestants ‘must make themselves interesting’ to catch the eye of casting teams

  • Vivienne Radfar, 61,  from Buckinghamshire, has appeared on 15 TV game shows 
  • Her first ever gameshow was the Zodiac Game, which was nearly 40 years ago 
  • Winnings tot up to over £25,000 after she won £18,000 on In It To Win It 
  • Advised those who hope to appear on shows to ‘make themselves interesting’ 

A belly dance teacher has revealed how she has appeared on 15 TV game shows over the last 40 years after getting ‘addicted’ to the experience.

Vivienne Radfar, 61, from Buckinghamshire, first appeared on the Zodiac Game almost four decades ago, before going on to compete on The Chase, In It To Win It, Catchphrase and Mastermind. 

During an appearance on This Morning today, she described her dreams of competing on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? and explained how she had won over £25,000 through the hobby.

Meanwhile she advised any viewers who hoped to appear on similar shows to ‘make themselves interesting’ to casting teams looking for contestants for the shows. 

Vivienne Radfar, 61, from Buckinghamshire, has revealed how she has appeared on 15 TV game shows over the last 40 years after getting ‘addicted’ to the experience (pictured, on The Chase) 

The mother-of-two, who works as a belly dance teacher, won £800 when she competed on Catchphrase

Appearing on This Morning today, she told Philip Scofield and Josie Gibson: ‘I suppose I’m used to this environment now. This is the first live one I’ve done.’

The 61-year-old explained how she first became motivated to apply for one of the shows, saying: ‘I’ve always been an avid reader.

‘I take after my mother and I read everything and anything I could. I was also blessed with a very good memory.’

‘I saw the quiz show and I thought, I could do that. My mum was on the telly a few times, when I was 10 or 11 she was on Bernard Braden’s show, knocking down a pile of tea in a supermarket.

The mother-of-two was 23 when she entered her first quiz show – The Zodiac Game, hosted by Tom O’Connor – in 1984 (pictured) 

Meanwhile her biggest win came on In It To Win It, hosted by Dale Winton, in 2005, where she won £18,333 (pictured) 

‘It was just a crazy wish and that’s what they did. She was on a couple of daytime programes as well, but she was always entering competitions.’ 

The belly dance teacher was 23 when she tried her first quiz show, The Zodiac Game, hosted by Tom O’Connor, in 1984.  

She explained: ‘I did that one and I really loved it, but I got married and had children and had a bit of a break.

‘But then in 1990 I applied for Jeopardy and it just snowballed form there.’ 

After Jeopardy, she went on to appear on Chain Letters – hosted by Ted Robbins – in 1991 and Timekeepers the following year. 

Meanwhile the mother-of-two has also appeared on Mastermind twice, with specialist subjects including The Hitchcock films of Cary Grant 

And in 1994, she was selected for Wheel of Fortune, hosted by Carol Smillie and Nicky Campbell. 

The experience was followed by a winning appearance on Roy Walker’s Catchphrase, where she bagged £800, before she was a stand-by contestant for The Weakest Link.

Meanwhile her biggest win came on In It To Win It, hosted by Dale Winton, in 2005, where she won £18,000. 

She explained she hadn’t kept all of her prize money, adding: ‘I gave some away, I used some to pay for my son’s university. 

Appearing on This Morning today, she described how she had used some of her winnings to pay for her son’s university fees 

‘I did something boring and paid for a new boiler but also went on holiday with my husband to Sorrento.’

Meanwhile Vivienne said her favourite game show host was Dale Winton whom she said was ‘sweet and kind and lovely.’  

She explained she used to give her game show souvenirs to her mum, who passed away last year, adding: ‘I’ve got my Pointless trophy, that’s in the cabinet.’

And she described how intimidated she felt going against the ‘lovely’ Beast in The Chase, adding: ‘They’re all nice and lovely, you get to spend more time with some than others. It just depends which show you’re doing.’ 

Meanwhile the quiz show enthusiast advised others ‘make themselves interesting’ on application forms to catch the attention of casting teams 

The next one was Mastermind, with the quizzer appearing on the show twice with specialist subjects the history of Arabic dance and Alfred Hitchcock films starring Cary Grant.

Clearly impressed by her wealth of knowledge, Josie asked what the key to all of her success of the programmes.

Vivienne said: ‘Thousands of people apply…so if anyone wants to do a game show,  make yourself interesting.’

She described how one of her application forms said she was a ‘mature law student who was taught belly dancing and has recently taken up archery.’

However despite all of her success, she hasn’t managed to tick off the shows she would like to.

She said she dreamed of appearing on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and said she had tried ‘many times’ 

She said she dreamed of appearing on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, adding: ‘That one has avoided me, that’s definitely one I would love to do. I’ve tried many times.’

Speaking to The Sun earlier this week, Vivienne said researching the show and its host could also help make you a more successful contestant.

She said: ‘Knowing how it works and its history makes you less nervous. I tell people to be themselves and not over-exaggerate. Some people shout because they assume that’s what they should do.

‘Don’t expect to become best mates with the hosts – I see people scrambling for selfies and autographs.’

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