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FANCY adding a bit of something to your home that you can easily care for? Then have a look at some of the best washable rugs.

Whether you prefer a circular design or a runner, there are lots of fun prints that will add pizzazz to your living room, bedroom or hall.

Some are surprisingly affordable with small sizes costing as little as £20. There are collaborations with famous faces, modern geometric patterns and shiny velvets.

But the very best part about washable rugs is just that: they're washable.

We've rounded up our favourites for your home.

Best washable rugs at a glance

  • Best print – Caimas Collection Washable Rugs in Blue
  • Best colour options Color G Ultra Soft Bedroom Rug
  • Best circular rug – Colby Washable Rug
  • Best long design – Nile Vintage Medallion Flatweave Green Area Rug
  • Best collaboration – Iris Apfel Suzani Mosaic Lagoon Rug

1. Caimas Collection Washable Rugs in Blue

  • Caimas Collection Washable Rugs in Blue, from £19.90 from The Rugs – buy here

This modern, geometric design is a bold addition to any room while still easily fitting into a muted colour scheme.

Available in nine different sizes, it's made from polyester with a non-slip latex backing so you won't find yourself sliding around.

Material: Polyester, Size: From 40x60cm – 180x270cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

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2. Iris Apfel Suzani Mosaic Lagoon Rug

  • Iris Apfel Suzani Mosaic Lagoon Rug, £299 from Ruggable – buy here

Made in collaboration with Iris Apfel, this classy washable rug will require some pretty deep pockets but for boho lovers, it's worth splashing the cash.

Water-resistant and stain resistant, this is perfect for people with kids and pets.

Material: Chenille, Size: From 60x90cm – 275x365cm, Washing temperature: N/A

3. Color G Ultra Soft Bedroom Rug

  • Color G Ultra Soft Bedroom Rug, £22.99 from Amazon – buy here

The feeling of a soft, thick carpet under your toes is comforting and indulgent. But there's no need to redo all the floors in the house to experience it.

This long rug has that depth without the cost. Starting at just over £20, there are loads of sizes and colours to choose from.

Material: Polypropylene, Size: From 40x120cm – 200x300cm, Washing temperature: N/A

4. Colby Washable Rug

  • Colby Washable Rug, £129 from Dunelm – buy here

Circular rugs have a classy, well-thought-out quality that can transform a room.

This one from Dunelm does exactly that. It comes in sizes small to large and is easily washed, although make sure to dry it on the line to avoid shrinking.

Material: Polyester, Size: From 80x150cm – 160x230cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

5. Nile Vintage Medallion Flatweave Green Area Rug

  • Nile Vintage Medallion Flatweave Green Area Rug, £54.99 (was £92.99) from Wayfair – buy here

Perfect for hallways and corridors, this flatweave rug is a pleasing light blue colour and delicate design.

It's currently available with 40 per cent off so don't dawdle on this one.

Material: Polyester Chenille, Size: 76x300cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

6. Surya Phuket Abstract Rug

  • Surya Phuket Abstract Rug, £59.99 from Amazon – buy here

A mid-price point at £60, this square ivory rug has a subtle reflective quality that adds brightness to any room.

Stain-resistant material makes this washable rug even easier to keep looking fresh and new.

Material: Polypropylene, Size: 160x220cm, Washing temperature: N/A

7. Sheepskin Short Wool Curly Pear

  • Sheepskin Short Wool Curly Pear, £129 from Heal's – buy here

This sheepskin rug is made from material that is a by-product of the meat industry. It's soft and fluffy while not taking up too much room.

Tapping into Scandinavian Hygge, this adds texture to the room without drawing too much attention.

Material: Sheepskin hide, Size: 60x90cm, Washing temperature: N/A

8. Fold Colby Washable Runner

  • Fold Colby Washable Runner, £59 from Dunelm – buy here

Add some colour to your room with this washable runner.

Turn regularly to stop it from curling and if you're placing on wood floors, we'd recommend investing in an anti-slip base to you don't end up ice skating around the room.

Material: Polyester, Size: 60x230cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

9. Fold Wentworth Washable Rug

  • Fold Wentworth Washable Rug, £89 from Dunelm – buy here

Easily pack away and/or take this rug with you on your travels or between room as it comes with a tote bag.

It pairs on-trend designs with bold colours for a fun and standout piece.

Material:  Polypropylene Pile, Size: From 80x150cm – 150x230cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

10. Dancer Amarelinha Yellow Thin Washable Rug

  • Dancer Amarelinha Yellow Thin Washable Rug, from £139 from Land of Rugs – buy here

There are lots of sizes in this modern design but for the largest sizes, it will set you back a pretty penny.

In the smaller sizes, it's much more affordable and would look great in a bedroom.

Material: Polypropylene, Size: From 55x85cm – 295x400cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

11. Buddy Washable Plain Rugs in Ivory

  • Buddy Washable Plain Rugs in Ivory, from £34.99 from The Rug Seller – buy here

This fluffy, carpet-like rug comes in a whole host of colours from a neutral cream to a dark red.

Easy to care for, this one works in kitchens and bathrooms as well as bedrooms.

Material: Polypropylene yarn, Size: From 60x100cm – 140x200cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

12. Lorena Canals Tribu Washable Rug

  • Lorena Canals Tribu Washable Rug, from £89 from Scandiborn – buy here

Subtle and simple, this washable rug from Scandiborn is a lightweight addition to any room.

We particularly like this olive shade for bedrooms because it gives a holiday-like feel.

Material: Cotton, Size: From 120x160cm – 200x300com, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

13. Fiji Machine Washable Rug

  • Fiji Machine Washable Rug, £50 from Argos – buy here

For something simple, this no-fuss washable rug from Argos is one to go for.

A reasonable size and easy to care for, this would be best in bathrooms and kitchens.

Material: Polypropylene, Size: 100x150cm, Washing temperature: 30 degrees

Are faux fur rugs machine washable?

It's always safest to hand-wash faux fur rugs. Just place them in the bathtub with cold water and detergent and let it soak.

Are IKEA rugs machine washable?

Some are and some aren't. Before doing anything make sure to check the label.

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How to clean non-washable rugs

Most rugs can be washed in cold water but if it says otherwise then you'll need to get them professionally cleaned or spot clean.

Most will come with instructions so it's best to follow those to ensure you don't damage your rug.

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