Princess Diaries, starring Anne Hathaway, has been a forever favorite among the masses. Hathaway was once one of the highest-paid artists in the industry, with an impressive net worth of $60 million.

Be it Princess Mia or the Cat Woman, Anne Hathaway aces her job like a natural. Besides being an actor, she has also tried her luck in the music industry. Her movies have not only received critical acclaim but also grossed over billions of dollars globally. Hathaway has always been choosy when it comes to picking her roles in movies. However, her splendid performances on-screen only justify why Anne is picky with her choices.

Here is a peek at how the actress grew her $60 million.

A Star Is Born

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Anne Hathaway was born Anne Jacqueline Hathaway in Brooklyn, New York City, in 1982 to a father who was an attorney and a mother who was an actress. She was inspired by her mother’s career from a young age. She moved with her family to New Jersey when she and her two siblings were relatively young.

Anne was good at sports too. While playing soccer in high school and partaking in acting through school plays, she began considering acting as a career seriously. The actor worked her way through different theatre schools, acting programs and got many crucial roles. Although she pursued English and political science subjects while attending Vassar College, her ambition regarding acting stopped her from attaining a degree in these academic disciplines.

The Beginning of An Acting Career

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All of Hathaway’s efforts at landing an acting job saw fruition when she was cast as a leading role in the young adult famous movie Princess Diaries in the year 2001. She was cast as Princess Mia Thermopolis, the beloved heiress of Genovia. She earned an opportunity to act alongside the talented actress Julie Andrews who played the role of the Queen of Genovia and Mia’s grandmother. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Anne Hathaway earned enough critical acclaim with her debut performance compared to legends like Audrey Hepburn.

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The same year she got the chance to star in another Disney movie called ‘The Other Side Of Heaven.’ Two similar roles followed in the very next year in ‘Ella Enchanted‘ and the sequel to Princess diaries, titled Princess diaries 2, which also earned Anne good wealth and fame. She won the favor of critics once again in the movie ‘Brokeback Mountain‘ in 2005. Some of her other notable roles were in hit movies like ‘Becoming Jane,’ ‘Get Smart, Bride Wars,’ and ‘Passengers,’ among others.

Making It Big In Hollywood

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Despite a few underperforming movies at the box office, Anne Hathaway began with a bang in the Hollywood industry. According to Fox Business, the first movie of Anne Hathaway, Princess Diaries, generated a jaw-dropping revenue of about $165.3 million as cumulative worldwide gross. Her salary from this movie was about $400,000. After her performance in Brokeback Mountain, she earned approximately double the initial figures.

Hathaway also starred alongside the legendary Meryl Streep in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, which whopped $326 million in international box office sales. For the first time, the young actress made a million dollars through this movie. The movie ‘Get Smart‘ was not a blockbuster, but it still earned a sumptuous sum of $5 million.

Another of her storming successes was the 2010 film called Valentine’s Day which made about $215 million. A memorable box office success and classic ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ generated a billion dollars in sales, and Hathaway got the opportunity to star alongside Johnny Depp. She also appeared in the sequel called ‘Through the Looking Glass,’ which also attracted some huge bucks.

The movies that Anne Hathaway is remembered for are countless. It includes ‘Love & Other Drugs,’ the musical ‘Les Misérables,’ which is among her most critically acclaimed works and earned her about $10 million. Hathaway has also excelled as a voice artist in the famous animated film called Rio, a box office blockbuster earning about $484 million.

The actress also acted in famous works like the 2014 sci-fi film ‘Interstellar‘ directed by Christopher Nolan, and another 2015 movie called ‘The Intern.’ Fans loved Hathaway for playing Cat Woman in a commercially successful and critically acclaimed film called ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ alongside the leading character of Batman played by Christian Bale. She made about $7.5 million from this Nolan movie.

Anne’s Side Ventures And Lavish Lifestyle

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Alongside her successful acting career, the award-winning actress has also earned some fancy bucks from endorsement deals. She is known to have been the face and brand ambassador of Bolon Eyewear, as stated by Finance Buzz. In 2011, she endorsed Todd’s Leather goods brand. She has also been the face of the French make and cosmetics brand called Lancôme.

Hathaway also owns several luxury mansions and estates worldwide, which can add to her lavish lifestyle. Moreover, she has villas and penthouses in New York City, California, Manhattan, and Connecticut.

Anne Hathaway has starred in about 37 films, making an astounding gross of over $6.8 billion globally. She started practicing acting on stage and is now one of the most celebrated actresses on the big screen.

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